DO IT NOW SyndromeI posted the following words on facebook the other day.

I caught something overnight! Woke up this morning with a case of “Do It Now Syndrome”. Not sure where I caught it – or how – but it’s truly amazing! Didn’t realize just how many things I put off because they can wait – or how often I did that: until this morning that is! I’m loving this feeling – hope it lasts!

I can phrase what I’m talking about as any of these:

  • Procrastination Vs Do It Now!
  • Laziness Vs Do It Now!
  • I’ll get round to it Vs Do It Now!
  • I’ve got to write a plan first Vs Do It Now!

Planning for anything might be necessary as part of an everyday process, but the joy is in the actual doing; in taking the action and doing whatever it is that needs to be done!

It is just so darned easy to put things off!

And every time we do put something off we feel disappointed in ourselves; just a little bit each time; and those little bits add up over time. They add up quite rapidly actually; without us noticing it at a conscious level. But that adding up to lots of little incidences leads to massive guilt; even depression if allowed to linger longer.

It doesn’t matter if we’ve got what seems like the right intention to do something later that day; later that week; or later that month! They’re usually poor excuses for finding distractions to what we really should be doing; and from doing it now! Distractions are usually self-sabotage; or the fear of doing something; so we have to learn to challenge ourselves and Just Do It! and Do It Now!

Note for facebook this evening:

I’ve still got this Do It Now Syndrome! … and hoping that it’s incurable.

I am truly getting a buzz from doing things that I would normally have put off until a ‘better time’, and doing them as I see them; or as I walk past them. I am not kidding – within just 24 hours I have embraced this new behaviour – and am loving it! Yes – the joy is in the doing!

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