Sometimes we hardly take the time to acknowledge the things right in front of us. Wedding cakes have been a part of the growing & budding civilization for centuries. No occasion is complete without the complimentary mouth-watering cake in it. Every happy & joyful event deserves a cake to make it all the more special. Even more so, if it is a wedding cake. Weddings have something different going about it. They are the perfect & magical affairs to make the wedding’s happy occasion all the more special. The wedding day is the day of love & commitment to the bride & groom. This day holds special significance in their hearts. They go above & beyond to make sure that the wedding ceremony goes without any glitch. They want everything perfect for this special day.

If you are someone hunting for the perfect wedding cake for your special day, you might want to run the most impressive facts about wedding cakes. It is always wise to know some interesting facts about getting it made for your special day. There is no limit to the variations & distinctiveness you can find for wedding cakes nowadays. The most known fact about a wedding cake is the bigger & extravagant it is, the better. If you are looking for wedding cakes, you can always find some online birthday cakes options.

Chronicle of The Wedding Cake

There is no historical evidence to set the date & place where the wedding cake first emerged. It is somehow dated to Roman times. It is believed that the wedding cake was prepared from the richest & best ingredients to bring good faith along with the cake to the happy couple. A perfectly made wedding cake is the sign for a comfortable & prosperous life ahead for the couple.

The Story Behind The White Icing

There is an interesting story behind the white icing of the beautiful & mesmerizing wedding cake. Although wedding cakes nowadays come in all shapes & sizes, the traditional white wedding cake has an intriguing story behind it. The white icing used for this intricately prepared wedding cake is a symbol of purity & innocence. The white icing of the utterly dreamy wedding cake was made famous at Queen Victoria & Prince Albert’s wedding in 1840. The white icing on their cake is still referred to as ‘royal icing’ as it was made from the freshest & rich ingredients.

The Mystery Behind The Tiered Cake

Somewhere around medieval times, the happily married couple’s guests would bring biscuits, scones & other confectionery items to the wedding ceremony and make a big pile of it. The happy couple is supposed to kiss each other over the stack without any of the items falling. This sweet & cute tradition also changed with the times, taking the form of the most spectacular wedding cake. In places still, the custom of the bride & groom kissing is followed.

Trend Of Number of Wedding Cakes

Also, a Victorian-era tradition when there were several wedding cakes and beautiful tablecloth linens arranged for a single ceremony. The precise number of wedding cakes is supposed to be three. The first wedding cake is designated for the guests. The second wedding cake was for the groom & the groomsmen. The last & the final wedding cake was for the bride & the bridesmaid. At the end of the ceremony, every cake was distributed to the happy couple & the guests.

The True Love’s Kiss Over The Cake

The bride & groom’s tradition kissing each other over the long & tall white cake is the symbol of a strong foundation & a long & lasting marriage. Many people still wholeheartedly believe the magic behind this beautiful tradition. The wedding cake is one of the most crucial aspects of a capturing & mesmerizing wedding ceremony.

Wedding cakes have indeed seen their share of twists & turns to see the humongous industry it is now. Wedding cakes are not now just an old tradition living & breathing but also a classic statement symbol. The length people go through to make their wedding cake the best one anyone had ever seen is unimaginable. The most exciting thing about wedding cakes now is you can select a unique wedding cake online from the endless choices available to you. The best part of it all now you can get your wedding cake delivered with online cake delivery.


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