The massage therapy is gaining high popularity due to the multiple benefits it offers. You can say coming into mainstream and you have many doctors even prescribing this massage therapy. This therapy includes a technique, which is hands-on for relieving stress, anxiety, promote relaxation, and induce sleep.

Research has proved that a massage therapy can benefit those suffering from soft tissues pain or strain, headaches, Fibromyalgia, sports injuries, and a lot more. Before listing the many benefits offered by this therapy, it is important to have some knowledge on the different types of massage you can opt for. 

  1. Aromatherapy Massage:

Aroma therapy massage

Swedish massage done using plant oils, which are scented, is termed as the aromatherapy massage. These oils are extracted from plant parts and flowers and have healing properties. The oils for his type of massage are selected only after the needs are clarified. These promote relaxation to a large extent. This massage offers relief for multiple conditions like digestive disorders, insomnia, headaches, premenstrual symptoms, and back pain. Before opting for this massage, you need to ensure you are not allergic to any of the plants used for aroma in this massage.

  1. Swedish Massage:


Swedish massage is a standard massage offered in spas, gyms, wellness centers, and clinics. This massage is based on physiology and anatomy according to the Western culture. The therapists start off with large strokes, which are gentle, using oils or lotions. The transition to specific strokes takes place gradually. The five basic strokes in this therapy include long smooth strokes, rolling kneading, and lifting, small circular movements or wringing, percussion and shaking and rocking movements.

This massage works apt when you are recovering from an injury.

  1. Deep Tissue Massage:

deep tissue massage

This massage is specifically for muscle knots and other problems in muscle layers and tissue. Slow and deliberate stroked are used across muscle grain, addressing troublesome muscles. In case of any pain, you need to inform the therapist.

This massage benefits those with mobility issues due to lingering injuries and chronic pain.

  1. Hot Stone Massage:

hot stone massage

This massage includes the using of warm stones. Heated and smooth stones are placed on specific parts of a body. Normally, basalt stones are used for this therapy. The warmth tends to relax and loosen muscles, which are tight. You need to consult your medical care provider in case you are suffering from blood pressure or diabetes before opting for this massage. 

  1. Pregnancy Massage:

pregnancy massage

Pregnancy massages also known as the prenatal massage and is specific to the needs of the expectant mother. This helps in relieving the lower back pain, which most pregnant women suffer from. This also helps in relieving ankle swelling. As a massage is free of any drugs, it tends to be a safe option.

A massage therapist is qualified and trained for this prenatal massage. They have the knowledge of how to support and position the body of a pregnant woman. Besides this, these therapists avoid specific areas so that there are no problems faced. Most of them use special tables for this massage. This makes it safer and comfortable.

Most qualified massage therapist can help you get rid of all that uncalled-for stress of daily routine. It is known that a good massage on a regular basis can boost up your immunity. You are free from all those headaches you face.

Conducting an online search for a massage therapist works well, as you can compare the different prices and go through the reviews and ratings to ensure you are making the right choice. Getting rid of all the depression and anxiety becomes easier with a good massage.

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