Saying ILY is a big deal. It’s not always easy to mutter those words because they feel so serious. Luckily, there are other phrases you can use that still portray how much you love the person. Even if you’ve already told the person how much you love them, like if you’ve shouted it from the rooftops, you can mix things up with these phrases that sometimes feel even more meaningful. So, here are 11 phrases to express love without saying “I love you.”

1. “You Mean So Much To Me.”

Telling someone that they meant a lot to you is a nice touch to express how you feel about them. It can be more meaningful than saying ILY, and it’s also a good way to test the waters if you’re getting closer to the person you’re dating and catching the feels. This phrase can also open up a conversation about what value you feel the person brings into your life.

2. “I’m Always Here For You.”

You want to show the person you’re with that you support them, no matter what. Telling them that you’re always there for them is a great way to express this and your love. You’re their number-one cheerleader in life! The great thing about this is that support is closely tied to trust. If someone feels your support, they know they can lean on you.

3. “You Make Me Better.”

If you’re feeling the love in your relationship, you might feel like your partner has helped you deal with stressful stuff in your life or made you realize important things about yourself. Telling your partner that they make you better is a good way to show your appreciation and that you value them a lot. It’s sure to make the person feel appreciated.

4. “I’m Thinking Of You.”

This phrase is another one that usually gets said when your relationship is starting to become serious. And, it can definitely work as a phrase you utter before saying ILY. But it means just as much. In fact, hearing that the person you’re dating is thinking of you can make your whole day. Send it via text so they start their day on the right footing.

5. “I Love Spending Time With You.”

After having another great date with your partner, tell them that you love spending time with them. This is another goodie to say if you’re not quite ready to say you love them. They’ll know that the fun they’re having with you is being reciprocated, so your relationship’s on the right track.

6. “I Miss You.”

Similar to saying that you’re thinking of them, telling the person that you miss them is also just a meaningful as telling them you love them. Who doesn’t want to feel missed? This is a valuable phrase to tell the person when you haven’t seen them for a while or have been out of town. It can help you reset and show the person things aren’t the same when they’re not around.


7. “I Love Hearing Your Laugh.”

This phrase is a smart move if you’re trying to express how you feel for someone. It shows that you notice details about them and it’s super romantic, even though you can keep it light if you feel awkward when expressing love. The cool thing about this is that it also implies you want to make them laugh and make them happy.

8.”I’m Blessed To Know You.”

This romantic phrase tells your partner that you value them a lot. It’s a powerful phrase that expresses gratitude for them being with you and tells them that you don’t take them for granted. If it feels too heavy to say, you can say things like, “I’m grateful to have you in my life” or “I’m so glad I know you” instead.

9. “I’m Crazy About You.”

This is a fun, flirtatious phrase that’s also steeped in meaning. If you’re crazy about someone, it’s a surefire way of expressing just how much they mean to you. What’s cool about this is that being crazy about them can mean so many things, like that you find them attractive and feel affection for them, but they’re all positive!

10. “I Prefer You To Chocolate.”

This is another fun, light way to express how much someone means to you. If they know how much you love chocolate and it’s your go-to snack no matter what, telling them that you prefer them to chocolate will express just how deeply you feel for them. But it’s a cute way to get the message across.

11. “We Fit Each Other Perfectly.”

When you discover that the person’s on the same dating page as you, it’s safe for you to tell them how much you feel you fit each other perfectly. Let them know you’ve got so much in common or you see the world in the same way. It’s romantic to think that out of all the puzzle pieces in the world, you fit each other the best.

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