If you want kids in the future, you’ll want to do it with someone who’s up for the trials and tribulations of parenting — and trust us, there are plenty of those. While it’s impossible to know how being a dad will change a guy, you can pretty much guarantee that a man with these traits will be a solid dad.

1. He’s a natural nurturer.

You’ve seen it in action — his innate ability to nurture and care for other people is second nature to him. Whether it’s taking care of pets, looking after younger siblings, or being the go-to babysitter for friends’ kids, he’s all heart. You can bet that this caring nature will extend to his own children, and that he’ll do everything he can to create a warm and loving home for them.

2. He’s cool, calm and collected.

Ever seen him stay cool as a cucumber even when things get chaotic? That’s a dad in the making! Patience is his middle name, and it’s a superpower when it comes to parenting. Kids can be a handful, but he’s got this knack for keeping his cool, which means he’ll handle the ups and downs of fatherhood like a champ.

3. He’s all ears whenever you speak

You could talk to him for hours and he’d listen with genuine interest. But it’s not just you; he’s like that with everyone. When he clearly cares about other people’s opinions and takes the time to understand their POV, you know he’ll be an attentive dad. His kids won’t just be heard; they’ll be truly understood.

4. He’s Mr. Reliable.

You can always count on him, whether it’s meeting deadlines at work or keeping his promises. That reliability isn’t just for show; it’s a sign that he’s going to be a dependable dad. He’ll create a stable and secure environment for his kids, making their well-being his top priority.

5. He’s your cheerleader.

Being a supportive partner means he’s already acing the dad game. He’s all about encouraging your dreams and respecting your choices. That kind of support is a clear indicator that he’ll be just as supportive of his children’s aspirations. Together, you’ll create a family built on cooperation and mutual respect.

6. He has empathy in spades.

He’s got this incredible ability to step into someone else’s shoes and understand their feelings. It’s like he’s an emotional superhero! This empathy is his secret weapon for connecting with his own children on a deep emotional level. His kids will always feel heard and valued.

7. He knows when and how to have fun.

He’s not just a grown-up; he’s a kid at heart too. You’ve seen him dive headfirst into playtime, whether it’s building forts or playing pretend. He’s all about creating joyful moments with his kids. Those shared adventures will be the stuff of cherished childhood memories.

8. He’s good with boundaries.

Respecting personal boundaries is his jam. He knows when to give you space, and he’ll extend that same consideration to his children. It’s all about creating a family where everyone’s boundaries are honored, fostering trust and respect. He never inserts himself inappropriate or disregards people’s wishes.

9. He has a great work ethic.

His strong work ethic isn’t just about the 9-to-5 grind; it’s a life lesson for his kids. He’s all about diligence, responsibility, and going the extra mile. His dedication at work sets the stage for his children to embrace hard work, perseverance, and commitment to their goals.

10. He loves without conditions.

He’s the master of unconditional love. No matter what life throws at you, he’s there with unwavering support and affection. That kind of love forms the foundation of unbreakable parent-child bonds, creating a home filled with trust and emotional security. He’ll accept and adore his kids no matter what.

11. He’s an awesome cook.

His culinary skills are legendary, and he’s the go-to chef for family gatherings. He brings people together through delicious meals and the joy of sharing food. As a dad, he’ll pass down his love for cooking, bonding with his kids over recipes, and instilling in them the art of nourishing both body and soul.

12. He’s a tech guru.

Technology is his bag, and he’s always ahead of the curve when it comes to gadgets and innovations. He effortlessly keeps up with the latest trends and uses technology to enhance life. As a dad, he’ll guide his children through the digital landscape, ensuring they’re tech-savvy while fostering responsible online behavior.

13. He’s the master of storytelling.

His storytelling ability is unparalleled. He weaves captivating tales that transport listeners to different worlds. As a dad, he’ll be the bedtime storyteller, igniting his children’s imaginations and nurturing their love for stories. Through his narratives, they’ll learn the power of imagination and the beauty of storytelling.

14. He’s the DIY King.

He’s a handyman with a toolkit for every occasion. From fixing leaky faucets to building treehouses, he can tackle any DIY project. As a dad, he’ll involve his children in hands-on activities, teaching them practical skills and the satisfaction of creating something with their own hands. They’ll grow up with a can-do spirit and a love for craftsmanship.

15. He’s passionate about nature.

The great outdoors is his playground, and he’s at home in nature. He thrives on hiking, camping, and exploring the wilderness. As a dad, he’ll introduce his children to the wonders of the natural world, fostering a deep connection with the environment. They’ll learn to appreciate the beauty of the outdoors, develop a sense of adventure, and understand the importance of conservation.

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