Ladies, let’s face it – being a girl is tough. From mastering the art of winged eyeliner to avoiding the dreaded cakey foundation look, keeping up with the ever-changing world of beauty can be overwhelming. But you’ll learn that by watching Instagram reels of makeup tutorials, reading the latest beauty magazines, and following the advice of experts. Yes, you can be your glam guru in no time.
But there’s something these resources won’t tell you. It is that beauty tips stretch beyond the cosmetics aisle. It’s more than Mac’s Ruby Woo and Fenty’s Pro Filt’r foundation. It’s a holistic approach to feeling and looking beautiful.
So, grab a cup of tea and prepare to take notes. Because we’re about to spill the tea on all the beauty secrets you’ve been dying to know.

1. It’s All About the Skin

Dewy, glowing skin is one of the hallmarks of looking beautiful. But it doesn’t come easy. And it’s certainly not only superficial. You’ll need to take care of your skin from the inside and out to achieve that coveted Hollywood-style glow.
It is imperative if you’re in a humid climate like Cary, North Carolina. Cary – the seventh largest municipality in NC – can get especially hot and humid. So, it’s essential to take extra steps like using face masks, exfoliating regularly, and drinking lots of water (like lots of it).
North Carolinian women also swear by skin treatments from BodyLase® Med Spa in Cary, NC, given the amazing results. There’s a treatment for everyone from Chemical Peels to HydraFacial and Microneedling. So, treat your skin with a relaxing session, and you’ll be on your way to that gorgeous glow in no time.

2. Skincare is for Other Parts of the Body Too

We know you take pride in your face. But remember that skincare isn’t only for the face. You cannot avoid your swan-like neck and those angelic hands.
Your hands age faster than your face. And there’s nothing worse than seeing your youthfulness diminished because of dry, cracked skin. You’ll need intense moisturizing to keep them looking young and supple.
And, of course, don’t forget the neck area. That delicate region needs just as much attention as your face does. The brutal sun can leave its marks on that area. So, when you’re lathering on sunscreen, go all the way down.

3. Beauty Sleep Is a Real Thing

Beauty sleep is not an old wives’ tale – it’s real. A good night’s sleep is a crucial part of any beauty routine. It helps regulate hormones, boosts your immune system, and eliminates signs of fatigue like dark circles and puffy eyes.
Moreover, when you smoosh your face into the pillow with layers of makeup on, you’re clogging your pores and giving bacteria a breeding ground. Don’t blame hormones when those pesky pimples pop out later.
If you want to fight off future lines, wrinkles, and spots – start your beauty routine in the bedroom. Cleanse your skin with a gentle, mild cleanser and apply a nourishing night cream. If you’re past your glorious twenties, you’ll need a hard-working eye cream too.

4. Use the Towel Right

Some of us like rubbing our face with a towel like it’s our loofah. Don’t do that. Not only will you damage your skin, but it’s also not the most hygienic practice.
So, when you’re drying your face after a shower or wash, use a clean towel and pat it gently. Don’t rub your skin or use a dirty, bacteria-ridden towel.
Since we’re talking about scrubbing (in some way), we’d also like to mention that you must not overdo it. When exfoliating your skin, gently scrub and resist the urge to rub too hard.
Patting dry also has benefits for your hair. So, lose that towel and give your scalp and tresses some TLC. You’ll save your cuticles and see no more frizzy-hair days.

5. Stop Picking Your Face

Imagine this: a full-fledged, bright red with a white head pimple on the tip of your nose. And you know it’s tempting to pop it out and get rid of it instantly. But try your best not to touch it.
If you do, you will have a scar that’s difficult to eliminate. You’ll also give the bacteria a direct entrance to your pores. Result? More pimples.
So, if you have an inflamed zit, leave it be, and go to a dermatologist if it’s too much.
The best way to deal with pimples is not to let them emerge in the first place. So, cleanse your skin, use a good toner to remove excess oil, and avoid hormonally-induced acne. Learning how to use that concealer right will also help in times of need.

6. Get Your Shower Head a Water Filter

Do your freshly-dyed, beautiful blond locks get brassy quickly? Maybe your hair feels too frizzy even after all the right hair products. Or perhaps your skin has lost its glow?
Well, the culprit may be your water. Chlorine can strip away the natural oils, dulling your hair and skin dry.
You can replace your shower head with one that has a water filter. It’ll help remove the excess chemicals and minerals from the water, making it safer for your skin and hair. Plus, you’ll also be doing the environment a favor.

7. Resist the Urge to DIY

We can’t blame a girl for wanting to get creative with her beauty routine. But when it comes to DIY concoctions and treatments – don’t go there because it can backfire big time.
You never know what goes in those recipes. The ingredients may not suit your skin type and can cause irritation or other issues. And if you’re bleaching your luscious locks, you may have to kiss goodbye to the health of your tresses. So, leave the bigger services to the professionals – they’ll make sure you look your best, and that too without any side effects. In that list, we’ll include brow shaping, trimming your bangs, microdermabrasion, and gel nails.
Learn where to invest (and how much), and you’ll be good to go.


We want to end this blog post with the most important tip: love yourself. No matter what beauty magazines say, you don’t have to look a certain way. You are beautiful as you are, and your happiness should be your priority.
So, take some time out for yourself and indulge in some self-care. Prioritize skincare by going to a reputable spa, get a water filter for your shower head, and avoid DIY routes. All these small steps can make you feel confident and content, which is the true definition of beauty.


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