Have you ever wondered how karma affects your relationships? If you struggle to find true love with a long-term partner, you may chalk it up to not meeting the right person yet.

Sometimes, finding someone you genuinely connect with takes a while, which may explain why you’re single. But people often overlook the impact of karma in their lives, which doles out rewards and punishments according to past actions.

Most people desire a supportive, loving partner to share their lives with, and waiting for that person to show up can feel frustrating. Especially if you’ve been in the dating scene for a while, you may feel impatient or hopeless about finding true love.

However, remember that the universe will always give you what you deserve. Perhaps it’s encouraging you to remain single until someone genuinely worthy of your time and energy comes around.

There are plenty of karmic reasons why you haven’t found Mr. or Mrs. Right yet, so don’t lose faith in love. You may meet your person when you least expect it, as the laws of karma work in mysterious ways. This article will provide clarity and support if you need help understanding why you haven’t found a serious relationship.

8 Reasons You’re Single, According to the Laws of Karma

1.  You struggle with low self-esteem.

People tend to accept the love they think they deserve. So if you have a negative self-image, you will attract someone with similar energy. To find true love, you must first cultivate that feeling within yourself. Once you believe you’re worthy of a positive relationship, the universe will help you find your special someone.

2. You believe you need someone to complete you.

Unfortunately, many feel lonely or incomplete without someone by their side. Societal programming teaches you to seek happiness outside yourself, in people, food, entertainment, and myriad distractions. But once you have all these things, you will still feel unsatisfied since lasting bliss comes from the soul.

Find yourself first; life will beautifully unfold as you feel more peaceful and content. Remember that you are infinite love and joy already as the limitless consciousness expressing itself through you.

3. The universe may want you to heal from past karma first.

Perhaps you’re single because you need time to process painful emotions or past relationships. Having a healthy relationship is impossible if trauma or baggage weighs you down. The law of karma states that events will keep repeating themselves until you break this vicious cycle.

So, reflect quietly on what you’ve been through to understand why you keep attracting certain people or situations. Once you look inside for the answers, everything will become much more apparent.

You may not be ready for a serious commitment because you must devote all your energy to self-love. Always follow your heart and listen to your intuition, which will never lead you astray.

4. You’ve lost faith in finding true love.

You may no longer believe in true love if you’ve had a string of failed relationships. That’s understandable, but protecting your heart from pain will also repel happiness and positive people. First, ask yourself why you’ve become cynical about love. Is it because you haven’t met the right person, or you don’t have the energy to offer someone else?

Reconnect with your heart to help you navigate painful emotions and uncover the karmic reasons why you’ve given up on love. You may find that you can open your heart again after soul-searching.

5. You have a higher purpose, according to your karma.

Did you ever consider that you haven’t met your person yet because you have a different calling? You may have the karma of a healer, and the universe wants you to spend time elevating others. Perhaps you have a grand mission that requires you to stay single so you have the energy to help people. You may find fulfillment in this path and not even feel the need for a romantic relationship.

6. An unhealthy relationship blocks you from receiving the universe’s blessings.

If you’re in a toxic relationship, you can’t experience good karma and blessings the universe may have in store. People stay in turbulent partnerships for many reasons, such as familiarity with the person or fear of leaving them. However, remaining in an unsatisfying, draining relationship will keep you further away from true love. Once you let go of things and people that no longer serve you, you can allow abundance into your life.

7. You have yet to learn specific karmic lessons about love.

The karma of past relationships and partners still haunts you, so you keep attracting the same experiences. If you haven’t learned from your mistakes, you will repeat specific patterns until you break the cycle. Examine your recent relationships and notice if specific triggers or conflicts surfaced often. If so, you may have unresolved karma or lessons to learn with these romantic partners.

8. The karma of past relationships haunts you.

Some people have difficulty attracting love because they haven’t forgiven themselves for the past. They walk around with regrets hanging over their heads and can’t seem to find inner peace. You must practice self-compassion and stop ruminating over your mistakes to find the right person.

For example, if you broke up with your ex and hurt their feelings, know that everything happens for a reason. They have probably moved on and don’t resent the relationship ending.

If you’re the one mourning your ex, give yourself time to heal and avoid jumping into a rebound relationship. Research shows healing from a breakup can take three to six months and even longer in the case of divorce.

Final Thoughts on Reasons You Can’t Find True Love

Some people spend months or years trying to meet their soulmate. They might wonder what karmic reasons keep them from finding their special someone. Usually, low self-esteem, unhealed trauma, or a broken heart block people from experiencing true love. Their past karma may influence their luck in finding a successful relationship, which can quickly become frustrating. However, some soul-searching and self-love can help you uncover love within yourself, so it’s easier to attract a healthy partnership.

Originally Published: www.powerofpositivity.com


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