Bali is becoming the world’s top destination for people looking to heal and recover from life’s pains. It houses many of the world’s top rehab clinics that more and more Westerners are preferring. So much so, that Bali’s rehab industry now surpasses Thailand’s rehab industry. Clients from Europe, Australia, and the US now flock to Bali to recover from addiction.

Why Bali?

But why do Westerners prefer Bali? There are primarily eight reasons why more people are now opting to visit Bali to heal from drug dependency:

1. Alternative Therapies

Bali rehab clinics deal with addiction differently. Apart from offering world-class counseling from highly trained experts, Bali rehab clinics also provide therapeutic treatments that are not offered in most Western rehab clinics. Bali rehab clinics offer therapies that involve yoga, meditation, and massage. These alternative therapies are proven to be effective in healing addiction in a swift, stress-free, and compassionate way.

2. High-Quality Treatment

Bali is becoming everyone’s top destination for healing and recovery because it houses rehab clinics with world-class services. In the case of Calm Rehab Bali, which is considered the top rehab in Bali by many, all its medical practitioners are internationally acclaimed. It offers the services of top addiction counselors and doctors from Australia and England. Rebab clinics in Bali have on-site nurses, doctors, and 24/7 staff support. Detox assistance is provided when necessary. Clients even have the option to proceed with treatment in full anonymity. Calm Rehab Bali is considered a top rehab center because it offers such an exclusive service. A client can have his own villa with a fitness instructor and personal chef all throughout his or her period for recovery.

3. Easy Access

It is very easy to access Bali. Everyone knows that the road to recovery is hard. People have been preferring Bali because it makes the journey to recovery easier by leaps and bounds. Through its international airport, any client can easily travel all over the region to search for the best rehab facility. All clients receive assistance in transportation and even the processing of formal papers and documentary requirements. It gets easier if a client would choose to book a rehab facility even before arriving in the country. Once booked, a client simply needs to arrive at the airport. Upon arrival, a client is then assisted every step of the way, from transportation, accommodation, and meals.

4. Individualized Treatment Plan

Bali rehab centers are preferred because they offer individual treatment plans. Bali rehab centers operate with the knowledge that not all people are the same. Some can heal while in a group while some prefer to heal on their own. Bali rehab centers understand how everyone’s healing process is different. This is why having an individualized treatment plan is one of the main options for all. No one is forced to become a member of a group or to follow a restricted schedule. Everyone is free to be as they recover. This is why successful clients who have undergone recovery through the help of Bali rehab centers give high recommendations.

5. Trained and Qualified Staff

Westerners prefer Bali rehab centers because of the knowledge that only highly qualified and trained professionals will be helping them in their healing recovery. Bali rehab centers are fully transparent. Public records of rehab center counselors, doctors, nurses, therapists, and staff are easily accessible to any client who wishes to verify and check service competence and eligibility.

6. Long-term Addiction Treatment

Studies reveal that long-term addiction treatments are more effective in curing drug dependency. This is why more and more individuals that are looking for healing now prefer rehab centers that allow for long-term treatment. This is why everyone has been flocking to Bali. Bali rehab centers offer long-term addiction treatment that can last for up to three months. Some can even opt for a six-month or year-long treatment.

7. Affordability

Bali makes it affordable to heal. Western rehab centers are costly. Hence, people that are looking for long-term healing and treatment can’t easily opt for it. In comparison, a two-week stay at a Western rehab center will already allow someone to have a two-month long-term treatment in Bali. That is how grave the difference is. If you’re a Westerner and you know that both places can provide healing, why opt for the expensive option when you can have an affordable option with a higher chance of success rate. Bali rehab centers now have international practitioners and doctors so there is no difference at all in the quality of medical and therapeutic services. In Bali, you don’t have to lose an arm and spend so much if you want a healing journey in an exclusive villa with a personal chef. You will be allowed to heal at your pace and in your own time, without worrying about the costs.

8. Atmosphere

Last and definitely not least reason why Bali is now preferred by many for healing and recovery, is its unique healing atmosphere. Bali is basically paradise on Earth. With lush forests, blue seas, beautiful white sand beaches, expansive greeneries, and serene local heritage, anyone will simply find it easier to let go and heal. Bali is so far and removed from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It allows anyone to fully disconnect and feel peace not just in silence, but from within.


Heal in Bali

If you or anyone you know needs to heal and healthily escape from it all, please do consider Bali. Bali makes it easy, affordable, and stress-free for anybody to start his or her journey to recovery.


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