Individuals who are open to the meanings associated with crystals and stones can experience a powerful energetic effect when interacting with these materials. Learn more about gemstones used to represent healing, and how to use these materials in meditation sessions, psychic readings or during tarot card readings online to enhance well being.

Crystals & Stones for Emotional Healing

Several crystals and stones are used to promote emotional healing. Blue apatite is a common choice, as are other gemstones that feature the color blue such as blue kyanite, blue lace agate and lapis lazuli. These stones have calming hues that help to reduce stress and some credit these materials with the ability to absorb negative energy.
Stones that are purple, red or pink in color are often associated with the heart chakra. If you are seeking to relieve emotional pain or recover from trauma, you may appreciate the appearance and energetic properties of amethyst, rhodochrosite, rose quartz or pink mangano calcite. You may prefer to focus on these stones based on reading your horoscope today or by being mindful of your feelings.

Crystals & Stones To Balance Mind and Body

Some crystals and stones are helpful for strengthening the mind-body relationship. While gemstones have no proven medical ability to cure diseases, the right materials may help you or the recipient of a gift maintain a positive mindset that can support emotional or physical healing. Depending on the individual, it may be most beneficial to carry, wear or keep materials in a home or care environment.
The precious resin amber has long been associated with healing. Jasper may also support balance. The lithium-bearing mineral lepidolite is known as a mood stabilizer. Jade is another mineral associated with healing, growth and vital life energy. Some materials such as agate come in a wide variety of colors, each of which is associated with different types of healing.

Crystals & Stones for Overall Well Being

Any crystal or stone can help to promote overall wellness as long as it is used in the right frame of mind. While these materials cannot cure chronic conditions, they can help to keep the person who uses them in a positive frame of mind. Any gemstone you choose to use can benefit from rituals such as cleansing, charging and grounding or programming.
Most rituals that involve crystals and stones are also important self-care practices. Whether you use these materials to decorate your home or wear a beautiful gemstone as jewelry, these measures can promote personal connection with a crystal or stone. If you are not sure where to start or are giving a gift, you may want to consider the cultural and historical associations of stones and crystals.
Selecting a healing crystal or stone for yourself or someone else can show you care and promote the intention to heal. Gemstones charged with belief may be able to provide a placebo effect in addition to serving as a reminder to strive toward wellness. The mindset promoted by a well-chosen crystal or stone can have positive implications for both mental and physical well being.


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