Incorporating crystals and gemstones is a fun and easy way to boost the power of your yoga and meditation practice. Throughout recorded history, crystals have been valued for their beauty as well as for their healing powers on the mind, body, and soul. Even if you don’t believe in the magic powers of these stones, crystals can serve as powerful symbols of our inner light and gemstones can be seen as representations of our hidden beauty.

While there are many different types of crystals and gemstones that you can use in your yoga and meditation practice, I’ve chosen nine extremely powerful options you can use to promote peace, love, groundedness, protection, and strength.

The best crystals and gemstones for yoga and meditation

Crystals and gemstones for yoga and meditation come in many shapes, and sizes. Small tumbled stones will be the most accessible, affordable, and abundant, but you might eventually want to splurge on a larger crystal that can be prominently displayed in your practice space or home.

Crystal quartz for deep meditation

Crystal quartz, or clear quartz, is a very popular and common crystal that is used to promote clarity of mind, inner strength, and spiritual growth. This versatile healing stone amplifies the energy or intention of other stones and can be used to align all of the chakras. Crystal quartz is particularly beneficial for deepening one’s state of meditation.

Fluorite for focus and concentration

Fluorite is a protective and stabilizing stone that is excellent for promoting grounding, focus, and concentration and removing cluttered thoughts and negative thought patterns. This harmonizing and balancing stone helps overcome chaos, calm restlessness, and dissolve illusions.

Amethyst for inner peace

Amethyst is a stone of peace, stability, clarity, patience, and inner strength. This sacred crystal opens and activates the crown chakra and helps purify the mind of negative thoughts. Meditating with this crystal will remove darkness, promote intuition, and boost inner peace.

Rose quartz to open the heart chakra

Rose quartz opens the heart chakra to all forms of love. Use this calming and soothing stone to raise self-esteem, remove guilt, and balance emotions. Rose quartz is an excellent choice to aid you in practicing heart-opening backbends and compassion-focused meditations.

Citrine for success

Citrine is associated with abundance, prosperity, success, light-heartedness, joy, happiness, wisdom, and peace. This stone can be used to inspire optimism and enhance creativity. Harness the power of citrine’s warmth, clarity, and inspiration to get through a challenging yoga flow.

Moonstone for intuition

Considered sacred in India, moonstone is a gentle, feminine stone that helps to promote intuition, wisdom, and sensitivity. This good luck stone encourages peace, harmony, confidence, and balance. Add moonstone to your practice space when you want to channel the energy of the moon to help clear the mind and center your soul.

Hematite for grounding

Hematite is a protective stone that activates the root chakra to help you stay grounded. It is often used as a powerful talisman to absorb negative energy, boost concentration, reduce stress or worry, and enhance confidence and strength. If you are struggling with standing or balancing poses, consider incorporating this stone in your practice.

Tiger’s eye for strength and courage

Tiger’s eye activates the solar plexus chakra to bring strength, power, confidence, concentration, and courage to your practice. This stone is also known to be grounding and to have great healing powers, especially for the digestive system.

Black tourmaline for protection

Black tourmaline has strong protective properties that push all negativity away from you and purifies your energy body. This grounding stone promotes a positive attitude, releases self-doubt and anxiety, and promotes physical healing and centeredness. Add some overall good vibes to your yoga or meditation practice by using this stone.

How to use healing crystals in yoga and meditation

There are countless ways to use gemstones and crystals in your yoga and meditation practice. Try our suggestions on the list below or feel free to experiment and discover the best methods for you. Whichever ways you choose to use your crystals and gemstones, remember to handle them with care and to store them in a clean and safe place.

  1. Choose one or more crystals and place them around your yoga mat or meditation cushion. Placing them at the top of your mat will give them the most presence in your practice, but arranging them in a crystal grid pattern around you can also be very powerful. Small tumbled stones will work best—tall crystal points should be avoided here.
  2. Place a few gemstones on your meditation altar or on the windowsill of your yoga space. Let these stones remind you throughout your practice to focus on their powers.
  3. As you hold a pose, meditate on a single stone and the meaning it represents.
  4. Wear a crystal pendant on a string of gemstone mala beads during your practice.
  5. Carry a crystal in your yoga bag to infuse your mat with its powers and serve as a reminder of your intentions.
  6. Place one or more crystals on your body during shavasana. The forehead, palms, heart, and belly are all receptive places to gently place stones for healing.
  7. If you have several different kinds of small stones you can place them together in a pouch and use them for divination. Think of a question like, “what should be my intention or focus be in today’s practice?” then take one crystal out of the pouch to reveal the stone to focus on.

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