People who’ve been suffering from a sleep disorder can understand how disruptive it can be for their overall health and well-being. Sleep disorder can occur due to many reasons, such as chronic pain, depression, etc.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy (PEMF) has proved beneficial in alleviating pain, aiding depression, and inducing sleep. Research also says that it helps treat conditions like insomnia.

To maximize the potential of PEMF therapy, many brands have come up with their PEMF products. You need to consider the following things while selecting the right PEMF applicator.

A Guide To Select PEMF Electromagnetic Applicators

Identify Your Needs And Health Condition

PEMF therapy is not a one size fits all technology. In order to narrow down your options, you need to know why you want to purchase a PEMF electromagnetic applicator?

If you’re buying it for your overall well-being, you should probably go for an entry-level device with few programs and low intensity and frequency levels. However, if you suffer from any chronic condition or are recovering from a serious injury, you should look for a PEMF device that offers high therapeutic intensities.

Uses of Applicator

If you’re buying the applicator for yourself, you can go for the therapeutic intensity and frequency you need. However, if it’s for the entire family, you should instead go for an applicator that comes with a range of programs, frequency, and intensity options.

You can also opt for a portable device if you often travel for work or have a busy work schedule. It’s better to choose a simple device with few programs if your parents will use the applicator and you can’t assist them.

Technical Aspects

Besides the construction, you must look at the technical aspects of the PEMF therapy device. For this, you should consider the following elements so that it fits your needs and health condition.

Intensity: The electromagnetic energy supplied by your device could be low, medium, or high. But you must not think that low intensity is not adequate. The intensity depends on the condition and the body part you need to focus on.

For example, in thick areas such as femur or a fracture plaster, a higher intensity device is preferred, while a low-intensity device is considered beneficial for inducing sleep.

Frequency: Various PEMF electromagnetic applicators use different ranges of frequencies. So, a low-frequency device (maximum 150 Hz) could have medium to high intensity. Low-frequency devices are ideal for osteoporosis, fractures, and hard tissue treatment. High-frequency PEMF devices are more suited for treating conditions related to soft tissues like tendons and muscles.

Read expert opinion: PEMF devices are complicated. There are different wave types, frequencies, intensities, types of devices, etc. If you find a brand that you seem to like, find long, extensive reviews like this Earthpulse review that explains everything you need to know.

When buying a PEMF electromagnetic applicator, it’s essential to look at the warranty period, certifications, and most importantly, FDA approval. Make sure you choose products that are certified and FDA approved. You must go through the product details and make an informed decision.


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