Do you feel that regular runs can hurt your knees? Many suffer from runner’s knee, which causes shooting pain that lingers in the knee caps. Fortunately, a good pair of running shoes can help prevent bad knees.

Along with the right running shoes, add some strategic strengthening and stretching exercises to your routine. This will help you get back to running without worrying about hurting your knees.

Below are the factors you need to consider before selecting the right pair of running shoes for bad knees:

Comfortable Cushioning

The right cushioning is essential to ensure that your knees are protected while running. Shoes with additional cushioning can work well to prevent bad knees. They can absorb the shock that generates when your feet hit the ground while running. In this way, cushioning reduces the shock impact on your knees.

Cushioning can provide you with proper support to avoid causing any stress on your legs. Moreover, the appropriate cushioning makes shoes more comfortable. Remember to try the shoes before purchasing. If they feel good and comfortable, it can be an indicator that it may not cause you any problems later.

Right Fit

You have to make sure that your running shoes have a good fit. Before you purchase a pair, trying them on is a must. Check if they go well with your foot type. The size should be correct. You must be able to slip your feet in with ease. It is essential to check if there is enough room to wiggle your toes.

You can always run a little or walk around the store while trying on some running shoes. Make sure that they are not too tight and constricting. It can hurt your knees while running.


Durability is another factor you need to check before you pick your running shoes. Sturdy shoes can provide you with enough support to prevent bad knees. The cushioning of such shoes will not wear out easily. Check if the shoes are made with fine quality materials.

Durable shoes can be good running companions. They make sure to steer you clear from dealing with unwanted wear and tear. One of the best ways to check the durability of running shoes is through online reviews. Testimonials can help in determining how well the shoes perform.

Firm Outsole

To prevent bad knees, pick the running shoes that have firm soles. They can provide you a proper grip to lessen the impact on your knees while running. Additionally, make sure that the outsole is compatible with the surface you run on.

If you pick the wrong outsole, you may risk sliding across the surface. It can cause injury to your knees. Moreover, a sturdy outsole can protect you from any sharp or harmful objects on the ground.

It is essential to get the right shoes to prevent hurting your knees. Make sure to keep all these factors in mind while purchasing running shoes for bad knees. Once you get them, you are all set to go running again without worrying about your knees.


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