Living is an art but nobody teaches us this.

There’s plenty of instructions for everything from assembling an Ikea bookshelf to learning how to drive, but when it comes to life, to the really critical stuff like our health and happiness, it seems it’s all trial and error. People end up making up their own rules, of eating, sleeping, playing or working when and how it suits them.

the art of living jost sauer at table for changeThis is having a devastating effect. The so called ‘lifestyle diseases’ such as cancer, heart problems and diabetes, are rising dramatically (estimated to kill 44 million people by 2020) as well as depression, anxiety and toxic levels of stress.

These ‘lifestyle diseases’ are associated with behavioural choices such as smoking, drinking, lack of exercise and unhealthy diets, but a common factor is not knowing how to live.

All natural life follows some sort of program, routine or order, except us. We live randomly. If this occurred in nature it would be complete chaos. If tides flowed when they felt like it, plants flowered when it suited each individual plant, or rain fell when and where it wanted to, it would be disastrous for all life on earth.

Everything is systemically interconnected and we are an integral part of this. We need to get back in sync, get aligned with the natural forces, and relearn the art of living. And we do this by following cycles.

It stands to reason that if lifestyle is the problem, a different lifestyle is the solution. I have developed a therapeutic lifestyle, based on the ancient Chinese 24 hour chi cycle.

This cycle repeats daily and is divided into two-hour brackets. My chi cycle lifestyle taps into the intelligence of each of these 2 hours, to enable us to build chi, or energy, and create vitality, longevity, health and happiness.

The Chinese call this way of living ‘aligning with Dao’. It is something eternal and once you surrender to it, and follow the guidelines your life will change. All we need to do is apply some cosmic intelligence to when we do things during each day.

If you know when to get up, when to work, when to stop work, when and how to eat, sleep, pray, love and so on, everything you do can be of benefit to you and build your health and happiness, rather than creating illness and misery.

Random lifestyles deplete chi, they make people feel lost, separated and confused so they look for ways to make sense of life by external means. This increases the gap between the external world and the soul.

As people drift further and further from themselves the need for medication in order to try and ‘keep everything together’ increases. But this creates a separated and increasingly unhealthy and unhappy society.

The Art of Living The Chi Cycle LifestyleMy chi cycle lifestyle hooks us into the power of the natural forces and offers a life of certainty. We get up early, embrace each day, do some meditation and chi practice and let go of the things that we don’t want in life.

The chi cycle lifestyle also enables us to balance the extrinsic, the material world, with an equally rich ‘intrinsic’ or inner world, to remember that we are souls having a human experience.

In the chi cycle lifestyle every 2 hours is like tapping into the source and getting another top-up of chi. By the end of each day you’re so in tune with life, you’ll feel supported, connected and you will love your life. This is our destiny.

The benefits of the chi cycle lifestyle are endless. Apart from looking younger, feeling fitter, slimming down and living longer, it builds such inner strength that other people’s opinions and beliefs become irrelevant, and you will naturally pursue what you were born to do, not what you think you are supposed to do.

You will get closer to your true self. If we follow the principles and live in harmony with the powerful natural forces around us, we naturally become more happy. You can start anytime and all you need is a clock!

Start today, start small, you can master the Art of Living very quickly.

Jost has written a book to explain how to live the Chi Cycle Lifestyle, The Perfect Day Plan: Unlock the Secrets of Your Body Clock
Click the image to check it out.

By Jost Sauer


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