Stop Doubting Yourself

Coming up off the beach, dripping wet, surfboard in hand, adrenaline pumping after getting tubed (in the little green room).

That is surfer lingo for being completely covered up by water and still breathing as the wave breaks and folds over you…

What I high.

I had no idea that just a few months later I would be saying good-bye to my life as a California beach girl and heading to the land of passionate dreams.

A land where people were fiercely focused on making “it” happen.

New York effin’ City (so nice they named it twice).

Home of the Best of the Best of everything.

Looking out the plane window I could see that massive skyline: The World Trade Center (this was 1980), Brooklyn Bridge and the Empire State Building.


Instead of the exhilarating high… fear was gripping my entire body.

Full of doubt, palms sweating I felt the strong wave of nausea engulfing me.

Fast forward 25 years stepping into my fears over and over: Success, failure success, failure thousand of times.

Why do we think we will never fail on the way to success?

Most of us live our lives “by the rules.” We play it safe and follow the advice handed down from others who supposedly “know better.” But what if all those rules we’ve learned about living were really stopping us from having, or even knowing, what we really want?

Life is naturally a mystery, and in our frantic attempt to get a handle on what the heck is going on, we’ve come to depend on tried and true rules that appear to keep us safe, sane and secure.

But in the process, we’ve lost a lot of what makes life exciting – our spontaneity, the element of surprise, creativity, passion. It’s all been sacrificed in favor of belonging, looking good, and that old saying, “better safe than sorry.”

Ann Bennett stop doubting yourself

What if you didn’t have to sacrifice an exciting life and could have a life of your own design, one that truly inspires you with its freshness and excitement?

A lot of women hesitate because it’s one thing to say “Yes I want to get out there and be authentic, I want to live an awesome life”. But as we move out there into the unknown we feel that strong wave of nausea engulfing us and we know we have hit the zone to terror…

Fear takes over, we get scared and run back to the same old, same old … security and safety.

Stop Doubting Yourself

In order to live your life to the fullest on your own terms you have gotta Get Unruly.

Here are my 3 favorite  principles to Get Unruly and Get Rich

(stop doubting your brilliance and live an awesome life).

Stop Doubting Yourself

#1 Happiness is the Problem

Oh yeah, baby! We think in order to be happy we should not have any problems. Just bliss, bliss and happy, happy, joy, joy all the time. So what the heck is wrong with me if we don’t feel that way? NOTHING. Solving problems are what actually can bring us happiness, joy and a deep satisfaction. But we are so busy resisting life (mostly our lives) thinking it should be another way. We miss the beauty, joy and learning almost entirely.

Rebel Tip: Choose your life. Stop resisting it. And then you are free to design it and choose differently (Ah true Freedom).


#2 Stop Trying

Yes that’s right. Breath relax and stop trying (You have my permission). ‘Cause you are already great just the way you are. I know some of you think I am smoking my own crack. But think about it. When you were a baby girl did you have to try? Nope all brand spankin’ new and passionately curious about everything. Not making comparisons of who’s smarter, prettier, more successful and got the cutest boyfriend (or girlfriend). I think that is when all the trying really got embedded, school.

Rebel Tip: Confidence is what makes a woman stunningly beautiful.

Ask yourself “Why do the people that adore me, adore me?” Not what your critical voice says to you but what do people actually say. Can you open up and to receive?

How Great Can You Stand to Have It?

#3 Write Your Own Manifesto (It’s your story so make it a good one).

We all make up stories about what happened to us, who we think we are and how things are unfair. None of which gives you any power. But what would happen if you dropped all your stories and instead created a manifesto to live by?

I have all my clients create their own personal and business manifestos even if they are the only one seeing it. It becomes their Unruly Roadmap to Get Rich.

Stop Doubting Yourself

Getting Rich is More Than Making Booga Bucks

Here are a few questions to ask yourself when getting started: What is it that you truly care about? What breaks your heart and what pisses you off?  If you had a superpower what would it be, and why? And who is your favorite cartoon character and why? Yes, really! This one is the most silly and the most profound.

procrastination killerI hope these 3 Unruly Principles help you stop doubting your greatness (be rich) and live an awesome life. If you need any help connecting the dots or uncovering your hidden message that’s my secret sauce.  My genius is to Illuminate, Translate and Tell your expertise so you can Stand Out, Get Noticed and Cash in on what you love to do the most.

Breathe Deeply, Laugh Loudly & Be Audacious
Ann Bennett

Source: Ann Bennett Marketing a seriously cool marketing and branding chick.



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