There is a reason why we consider our hair our crowning glory, not only because it is on the top of our head but also because it has always been a sign of health and beauty and that is why we take proper good care of it just as we do to our skin.

And when we see that our hair slowly disappears and a chunk of it falls, it does a devastating blow on our self-confidence. Our hairstyle and hair condition are also an extension of our personality.

Hair loss is a problem that we often associate with age but that is not always the case. Many things like genetics, stress, illness can contribute to hair loss.

Men and women alike are vulnerable to this problem because at some point, hair growth slows down and hair follicles even stop growing, which causes the hair on our scalp to thin. Rejuvenating your scalp helps in facilitating hair regeneration.

But fear not, because no matter the reason for your hair loss, it can still be remedied. Advanced technology has paved the way to the development of different techniques to address hair loss problems one of which is the Pep factor for scalp rejuvenation.

Pep factor is an advanced technological solution that helps rejuvenate the scalp and treat up to stage-5 hair loss.

What is the Pep factor?

Pep factor is a protein that rejuvenates the scalp by infusing a combination of basic Fibroblast Growth Factor (bFGF) and copper peptide into the scalp.

The copper peptide in Pep factor increases follicle size, releases natural growth factors, and stem cells. Pep factors have excellent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

They bind to the cell surface and activate cellular proliferation, creating signaling between cells that eventually leads to hair growth.

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This formulation is bio-identical and works to offer regenerative properties for skin and scalp rejuvenation. Pep factor is used topically in conjunction with microneedling to the scalp.

 Benefits of Pep factor for Scalp Rejuvenation

Each hair follicle goes through a regenerating cycle in which they move from phases of growth, regression, resting, shedding, then growth again.

Clogged follicles can result in a lack of hair growth. When those are unclogged and the sebum production levels are reset, your hair has a chance to grow back much healthier.

For those people who experience long-term hair loss, it’s important to address the scalp where the damaged follicles are located to effectively treat the condition.

  1. Pep factors in hair treatment have many benefits: it minimizes scarring, reduces skin inflammation, increases intracellular peptide chemical messages, and activates immune cells.

Research by The Hebe Spa in New York shows that collagen protein plays a major role in skin structure and strength. The human skin has 80% collagen, and it reduces in the skin cells as you age leading to different problems, including hair loss.

Therefore, having a sufficient amount of collagen in the scalp helps strengthen the hair follicles and improves hair growth.

  1. Pep factors stimulate the body to produce its own collagen, these results in unsurpassed amounts of collagen and elastin created within the skin naturally, thus, indicating its key role in hair regeneration.
  2. Pep factor is a natural way to rejuvenate the scalp and can be used in conjunction with other treatments to expedite hair growth. It also minimizes pores and helps treat scarring.
  3. Pep factor has no reported side effects to this day and it doesn’t necessarily require injections. Your body will naturally accept pep factor because it contains a concentration of authentic growth factors and copper peptides.
  4. It is available in a topical serum. You can expect to see improvements after a couple of weeks from your first pep factor treatment or even in as little as 2 to 4 weeks. However, results may vary between individuals.

There are other cosmetic procedures for scalp rejuvenation available on the market today and these are microneedling and microchanneling.

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Thankfully, there is no reason for you to sulk in the corner when faced with this problem because you now have several options to choose from.

Moreover, Pep factor is a safe, reliable, and not to mention, an affordable method other than other hair replacement techniques.

Even with its easy procedures, it has proven long-lasting results. You can finally say goodbye to hair loss!


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