Adventures are amazing. Discovering many things around you and exploring by yourself in one of the memorable experience you’ll ever have.

Exploring by Yourself

As you travel along in your daily toil
Keep love in your heart – in your eyes a smile.
Give a word of cheer to those who are blue;
A warm handclasp will help some, too;
A wave of the hand, a cheery “Good Day”
To those, you may meet or pass by the way…
As you travel along.

Start the day with a word of prayer,
As the birds trill notes to the morning air.
Let your prayer be to God, like their songs to Heaven,
Thankful for life and the blessings were given;
Thinking those thoughts that are right and good,
Doing those deals that you feel you should…
As you travel along.

Then, When your day shall come to a close,
Just pause for a while ere you seek repose,
Think back through your day, and the deeds that were done
Of the trails met, and the victories won.
And as you close eyes in peaceful sleep,
Pray God in His love your soul to keep…
As you travel along.

As we travel by ourselves we discover many different things in life. We also have time to unwind our self.

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