Build a Wooden House. We are going to take our most ecological side. On this occasion, we present a trend that triumphs in half the world: wooden houses. This type of construction is very respectful of the environment and, in addition, today you can get homes with great aesthetic value. And without forgetting that they are perfect to enjoy a residence in a privileged location that releases being in the heart of nature.

How to Build a Wooden House

If you want to make your own construction and start enjoying it as soon as possible, pay attention to this article in which we explain all the important details to take into account to build a wooden house step by step.

A success trend

And is that in a society increasingly stressed, in a hurry, and surrounded by technology, it is logical that ecological trends are so successful. A wooden house is a much simpler construction than traditional houses and is ideal to enjoy nature without having to leave home. Rustic environments convey the peace and well-being that we can not find in the traditional homes of large cities.

The plans to build a wooden house

Obviously, you are going to need land large enough to build your own wooden house. And in this sense, the idea is that the new home is located in nature.

As regards the process of building a wooden house, the truth is that the technique and the system have not changed much in recent years. In fact, it is a very versatile process, which each builder can adapt to their own needs and interests.

The plans of your wooden house are fundamental, especially the foundations because on them will fall the full weight of the construction. And as is logical, the roof should be the last part of our design.

The terrain and the foundations

Another important detail to consider when building a wooden house is the land, which must be properly leveled and adapted because the base of our home will determine a good part of the construction.

Do not forget the foundations, which should be light, considering that they will have to support a lighter material than that used in other homes built with cement and brick.

Once the foundation is finished, we will have to think about the structure of our wooden house. Then it will be time to build the walls of the house and then the roof. And to make a correct sealing of the roof, we suggest you use high-quality materials, for example, a good idea may be to use wooden shingles.

The inner and outer part

Another important detail when building a wooden house is to cover the interior to protect our home against possible fires. A good idea may be to use dry materials, such as cardboard mixed with plaster.

While on the outside of the house, do not forget to use materials that resist moisture and sun. In this sense, keep in mind that although the house is made of wood, you do not have to use only this material for the construction of your home.

Security is very important

In the foundations, the interior walls, and outdoor areas it is also recommended to use materials adapted to the conditions of our house. For example, prefabricated plates with fire protection, roofs of mud and asphalt sealing for the roof, or metal joints to ensure maximum safety.

Have you found our guide of basic tips to build a wooden house useful? Have we forgotten something important? In that case, encourage us to tell us your own recommendations to build a rustic home. A trend in construction that is increasingly fashionable and that you can build in an infinity of styles. But remember that you must respect the constructive process, as well as the technical specifications of the specialist in charge.


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