Everyone knows that meditation can make life better. But following it as a routine is easier said than done. Your busy lifestyle is the biggest hindrance because it seems hard to fit a session into a packed schedule. You may skip meditation just because you fail to realize how much value it can add to your life. Sticking with a ritual gets easy if you find motivation, but it can be another challenge. Let us share some tried and tested ways to get meditation motivation and move a step closer to mental wellness.

Create a realistic schedule

A busy lifestyle can make it easy to forget to meditate. But a realistic schedule can help you overcome the hindrance. The best thing to do is wake up an hour early every morning and allocate the extra time to a daily session. It could be daunting in the beginning, but things often get effortless down the line. Setting a daily reminder along with the morning alarm will make you more conscious about the initiative.

Eliminate distractions

At times, you may have ample time for meditating, but daily distractions can keep you from being regular. You may want to spend time talking with a friend, browsing social media, or watching TV. Remember that these activities are a sheer waste of time, but meditation helps you in more than one way. Eliminating distractions by unplugging your phone, computer, and TV can set you on the right path.

Try a motivational aid

A motivational aid can take you a long way with regularity. There are many options to explore, and it may take some hit and trial to find a perfect one. Some find solace in music, while others feel better with aromatic candles. Preceding your meditation session with a cannabis trip is a good idea. Cannabis relaxes your mind and purges negative emotions, making it ready for a mindful practice. You can pick the right strain and buy the best accessories from an online headshop to get started. Keep them at hand so that you have something to get you going.

Create a mindful space

Finding meditation motivation is also about creating a mindful space where you can connect with yourself. A quiet and cozy corner of the house is ideal. You can make it more comfortable by setting up soft cushions and a warm rug where you can sit and meditate. Keep the area clean and clutter-free, and ensure it gets plenty of fresh air and light. Place some greenery around to enhance the ambiance.

Find a meditation buddy

Meditation is much like exercise because it boosts mental fitness and sanity. Finding a buddy makes a difference, just as it does with physical workouts. You can ask your partner or friend to be your meditation buddy so that they can avail of its benefits as well. Alternatively, joining a class or group is also a good idea if you want to adhere to the ritual for the long haul.
Meditating regularly requires conscious efforts, and you need to be motivated enough to invest in them. Consider the activity as training for your mind and a way to live better, and you will never want to miss out.


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