In times like these, a person on their journey to spiritual ascension may wonder about their role in the culmination of present-day events. While it may seem like a lot has been going on ever since 2020, there’s a general sense of overwhelm that all of us may be feeling. However, growth stops for nobody, and we’re accountable for our own. So what can one do to improve their spiritual experience in the Age of Aquarius? Read on below to find five actions that can assist you on your journey.

1) Learn how to hold space: One of the greatest challenges of the human experience is to learn how to hold space for others and their experiences. While we’re all born and conditioned to think from an “I am” perspective, we forget that everyone is doing their best to survive in such challenging times. The biggest gift we can give to people we love is the gift of holding space; this refers to allowing others to experience life in the way they prefer, rather than imposing our projections and will on them. You will find that holding space brings you peace, whereas trying to control the actions of others can turn chaotic.

2) Try enhancing your meditative practices: Instead of binging on news, go within and deepen your meditative practices, for all the answers are with yourself. If your practice includes consuming recreational substances, research at weed smart has shown that there are several enhancements to the brain hemispheres. It can be tempting to scroll past timelines and news of all the negative things happening all around the globe right now. However, this practice of mindless consumption turns destructive over time, leading to depression and anxiety.

3) Act from a place of loving compassion: You may have read and heard so much about “holding a high frequency”. but it may not entirely be possible, especially when witnessing so many things at once. It’s neither healthy nor practical to feel “positive” when you’re feeling far from it. What you can do for yourself and others is to practice the art of compassion.

4) Work on transmuting generational trauma: If you’re aware of certain behavioral patterns and traits in your family, it may be the product of generational trauma. Bringing your awareness to such a triggering memory or emotion can be taxing, but we promise that it is life-changing. When you work on the very issues that your ancestors died with, such as a poverty mindset and lack of bodily autonomy, you can live a fuller life.

5) Acknowledge the presence of privilege: Last but not the least, we all feel guilty of having things that others don’t. Be it a lifestyle, wealth, influence, or basic necessities. However, rather than guilt, it is a privilege that needs to be acknowledged so that we can give back to the community. Work on noticing where your privilege lies, and then serve the community for them to experience some degree of equity.

Wrapping up:

No matter what nationality or background we belong to, it may seem like a challenge to go on about our lives while there seems to be such a conflicting time. We hope that these five tips help you center yourself and walk purposefully through life.


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