If it is observed that there are some or several of the signals that we have commented in the previous section, the most probable is that there is negative energy at home. Anyway, there are ways to check it to be sure if it is like this or not.

One of the most used products to know if there is negative energy at home is salt. In fact, it is used in many rituals both to end bad energies and to attract good things and purify and cleanse the house of bad energies. In this case, the salt can be used to detect and clean negative energy in several ways:

  • Salt: to know if you have bad energy at home, it is best to put a plate of salt under your bed before going to sleep. If the next morning the salt on the plate has turned purple, you have bad energy at home.
  • Black salt: another way to know if there are bad energies at home is to use what is known as black salt. Actually, it is a pink-gray salt of volcanic origin, which gives it that name. This product you have to put in the corners of the house and in the four directions of the cardinal points, as well as under the bed. If you change color, texture, or smell, you have bad energies and are absorbing them.
  • Salt and vinegar: vinegar is a product that, traditionally, is considered a cleaner of bad energies. In combination with salt, the properties of the two products increase. To know if you have bad energy at home, you have to put some jars in which three-quarters are salt and the remaining fourth is white wine vinegar.
  • These boats are placed at the corners of the house, one per room being recommended. If you notice that it rots, it smells bad and that the vinegar evaporates, while the salt leaves the boat, it is because there are bad energies and they are being absorbed. If so, remove those cans and put new ones with salt and vinegar to follow the cleansing of bad energies.

Other methods to know if there is negative energy at home

In addition to salt, there are other methods that can indicate if there is bad energy in the home or not. They are also tricks that have been widely used over the centuries. Among the most effective are:

  • Water: it has always been considered that it is a good conductor of energy. In this way, to know if there is negative energy at home, it is best to place a bowl of water in the place where there is more activity or under your bed. If you see bubbles appear, it is because there is bad energy. And, of course, the more bubbles, the more charged you have the home of bad vibrations.
  • Flowers: carnations have always been considered a symbol of the energy of protection, among other meanings. They are flowers that also indicate if there are bad energies in the home or not. To do this, you have to put twelve white carnations in a vase and one red, which you must place in the center of all the targets. If the red withers before the rest, it is because there is negative energy at home.
  • Candles: another way to detect bad energies at home is through candles. You just have to turn them on and, if the wax falls only on the back side being on a straight surface, there is negative energy at home.

There are different ways of knowing if there is negative energy at home that we tell you. So you know more about the different ways that have been used over the centuries for these purposes.

How to Remove Negative Energy at Home

Bad energies or negative vibrations are very specific sensations that can manifest in multiple ways. At home, for example, the environment can become heavy or uncomfortable to such an extent that it can become unpleasant to be there.

It can also happen that, due to that same energy, there are frequent arguments or misunderstandings between the inhabitants of the house and even with neighbors. In any case, there is a way to reverse this situation. We explain how to clean the house of negativity so that harmony and good energies return to the home.

Step 1

The first thing to say is that a messy and dirty environment helps to generate and increase a sense of discomfort and negativity in the home. Therefore, the first thing to do is a deep cleaning of the entire house. Depending on the space, this can take a day or several, but the important thing is to complete the task and not leave it halfway.

Beyond dusting, it is about checking our belongings thoroughly; almost always there are clothes, shoes, and objects that are no longer used and that it is better to discard, give away or donate. If you are one of those who doubt the idea of ​​letting go of your things, you can use a very simple rule:

if it is something that should be of daily use and you have not used it for more than six months, it is time to get rid of it. If on the other hand, its use is seasonal, remember when it was the last time you used it to verify that you are giving it the right treatment. Otherwise, remove it from your house.

Strips, donating, or giving away things in disuse will not only make more space in the home but also generates a sense of relief and satisfaction that helps to improve the energy inside the house.

Step 2

Once you have made room in your home and you have detached from old or disused objects, it was time to harmonize your home. Start sweeping from the inside to the entrance and back doors.

When the time comes to apply soap and water, add to that water about six tablespoons of salt of any kind. Salt has been used since ancient times as a powerful ingredient to balance the surrounding energies, so it will help you harmonize the vibrations of your home.

Step 3

Another way to cleanse the house of negativity is by burning herbs. The white salviais commonly used for these cases for its purifying properties and one of the ways to use it is by burning its leaves inside a small container and passing it through all the spaces of the house, in the form of incense. If you choose this method, put it into practice after you have cleaned your house with soap and water.

Step 4

In Feng Shui, Tibetan bells are used as a resource to clean the house of negativity. The original bells are made with alloys of 7 types of metals and their function is to reactivate the vital energy (called chi) through sound. They emit a long, deep, and vibrant sound that serves to balance the energies of the home. To use them, ring the bell once in each space of your house.

Step 5

Music therapy is a technique that involves the use of specific music to balance the vibrational fields. Mantras, classical music, or meditation can be used to clean the house with harmonic sounds.

Step 6

A natural method to clean the house of negative energies is to let in the air and sunlight through the windows. A dark, cold environment where air does not circulate is more prone to energy imbalance. If the weather permits, opening the windows in the early hours of the morning will allow the house to fill with fresh air and penetrate the first rays of the sun, purifying and illuminating the home.

Step 7

Having plants helps to clean the house of negativity. The belief says that leaves absorb stagnant energy and that in fact, if a healthy plant becomes withered or dies despite receiving the necessary care, it is a sign that there is a vibrational mismatch in the environment, so they are a good guide to measure harmony in the home.


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