How to whiten your feet. Occasionally, the skin of the feet tends to darken due to excessive placement of closed shoes, lack of cleanliness, exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays or certain skin infections. However, it is possible to clarify them by means of different creams or home remedies, whose ingredients can be easily found inside the home.

In the process of bleaching that you choose for your feet, it will also be important to maintain a balanced diet, as well as keep the body hydrated. It is important to take care of the skin at a general level, as well as the feet. Therefore, you will learn how to whiten your feet.

How to Whiten Your Feet

How to whiten sunburned feet

Before exposing ourselves to the sun, it is necessary to use the highest sunscreen factor (preferably 50 or 60). If your feet have been burned by the sun, it is necessary to resort to immediate hydration of the area, using moisturizing creams and lotions, and better if they are special for sunburn or after sunbathing.

When it has lost some sensitivity, exfoliation techniques may be performed to eradicate dead cells. In this way, the skin will regenerate quickly and without problems. For this, you can use the well-known pumice stone. Here we tell you how to use pumice stone correctly.

How to bleach your feet with baking soda

Baking soda is an excellent remedy for bleaching any spots that appear on the skin. To clear the skin of the feet with bicarbonate it will be necessary to follow these simple guidelines:

1- Place a small amount of this ingredient on your feet with a little water (a few drops will be enough to make a paste) and spread it through the most affected area that you want to clarify. Do it gently with a light circular massage.

2- Let the paste have more effect for 5 or 10 minutes.

3- Rinse well with cold water and dry your feet to prevent moisture from accumulating in this delicate area.

Although the results may not be observed immediately, bicarbonate is the best solution to whiten the skin progressively and naturally. You can use this remedy up to 3 times a week at the beginning and, once you have a uniform skin tone, you can do a bicarbonate exfoliation one to three times a month to keep the skin of the feet healthy and homogeneous.

Home remedies for whitening the feet

There are some home remedies to lighten and whiten the feet that you can prepare at home without problems:

Lemon juice

Thanks to its high content of vitamin C, lemon juice becomes an ideal remedy for skin whitening. There are several ways to apply it:

* Pass the inner part of the lemon peel over the darkest parts of the foot.

* Prepare the juice of the aforementioned fruit and apply it on your feet for about 10 minutes without exposing them to the sun. Then rinse them with water and dry them with a towel.

* There is also the possibility of making a mixture based on lemon, glycerin, and a little baking soda (or other natural exfoliating product). Then place it on the feet for about 10 minutes giving a gentle massage and rinse to thoroughly wash the remains. Soon after using this technique, you will see the results.

Cucumber and milk

To prepare this remedy, you need to mix cucumber juice and milk in equal parts and follow these steps:

1- Apply the mixture on your feet and massage the darker area more.
2- Let stand for approximately 20 minutes.
3- Rinse your feet with plenty of warm water.

Yogurt and honey

Both yogurt and honey are excellent for skin whitening, in addition to having moisturizing properties. To prepare this natural whitening cream, follow these guidelines:

1- Mix both ingredients in equal parts.

2- When you see that the mixture is homogeneous, apply it on the feet and let it act for 15 minutes.

3- Then rinse with plenty of water.

Tomato juice with sandalwood

Both are exfoliating ingredients and lighten the skin. To prepare this remedy, follow these guidelines:

1- Mix the sandalwood with the tomato juice until you get a consistent paste.

2- After putting it on the darkened skin of the feet, let it act for 15 minutes.

3- Wash thoroughly with soap and water and make sure there are no remains of anything before drying your feet well.

Chickpea flour and turmeric

For this remedy, we recommend using both ingredients in their flour or powder format.

1- Mix the two ingredients with a little lemon or cucumber juice until you get a uniform paste.

2- Apply with a gentle massage this mixture and let it act for 10 minutes so that it takes effect.

3- Wash your feet thoroughly with soap and water and dry them thoroughly with a clean towel.

These remedies for whitening the feet can be used as many times as you need until you get the matched tone you are looking for, but we recommend doing them between 1 and 3 times per week, at most.

How to prevent the skin of the feet from darkening

To prevent the darkening of the skin of the feet you can follow these tips:

* You must be careful with the pedicure since when the materials are not properly sterilized, it is possible to get fungal infections that can end up obscuring the feet.

* Another way to avoid this problem is to consume foods rich in vitamin C, as the latter helps keep skin healthy.

* Similarly, you must keep the skin hydrated from the outside and inside. Ideally, consume approximately two liters of water daily.

* You can also use creams that help improve skin cells, as well as exfoliating products. You can practice this procedure once a day, but when it comes to a more specialized treatment, consult your dermatologist, only a specialist will tell you what you should do to whiten the skin of your feet if, with these tips and remedies, you do not achieve it at all.


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