Most people assume single boss ladies are too busy and focused to care about relationships, but being strong and self-sufficient doesn’t mean you also have to be solo. It’s possible to be capable of doing bad all by yourself but also to have the best of both solitary and coupled up worlds. Here are 8 reasons why you can do you but still enjoy being done by a guy.

1. Queens deserve royal treatment.

Pairing up with a King doesn’t make you any less powerful. But it does feel good to be pampered. A relationship should be give and take on both ends. Maybe he’s better at such and such and you can bring whatever gifts you have to the table. You could both just strong and competent across the board and want to alternate who does what. Or, maybe you two just remain your independent boss selves and continue to meet your own needs but still come together for that companionship and intimacy you can get from another person.

2. It makes you feel noticed.

I mean, yeah, I can stay on top of getting regular oil changes and other vehicle service needs. But having a guy come in and say, “hey babe don’t worry I washed your car and filled up the gas tank” is pretty much everything. It doesn’t mean you can’t do for yourself or weren’t willing, but to have another person look out for you and pick up on your day to day details is another type of security and satisfaction.

3. You won’t be left out of the world of husbands and boos anymore.

I know, I know- comparison is the thief of joy and the grass isn’t greener. But it’s human nature to take notice of others around you. While you may be glowed all the way up and crushing goals left and right, it’s hard not to feel some type of way when you see other women having some of their business handled by a man.

4. It’s the traditional way.

I get that we live in progressive times and are re-defining gender roles and that’s great. Personally, though, I still think it’s super hot when a guy fits that age-old dominant alpha male mold. In everyday life, I’m out here stacking achievements. But when it comes to my romantic relationships, I do like to fall under a man and take his lead. It’s more about respecting his ego than using him for acts of service or money.

5. It can make you be more giving.

Piggybacking off what I mentioned in my last point, a lot of guys nowadays will equate “wanting to be taken care of” with trying to hit his wallets or avoid work. To me, a guy wanting to take care of you just shows he is mature, responsible, and considerate. He’s not here for games and he’s willing to do what he needs to in order to hold his woman and family down. That quality in a man can’t be more attractive and it certainly trumps looks and sexual performance any day. I certainly want to reward that by giving back as much as I can. The more a guy does for me, the more I am inspired to think of ways to treat him and make his life easier in return.

6. It shows he’s sincere.

Just like guys don’t want to be used, neither do I. I’m tired of ending up with project men who see my stability and drive as a means to ride my success coattails. Some guys feel no shame in “borrowing” your money, your car, and your crib while they sit around playing video games all day and being a functional drunk. When a guy comes to me with an action plan to make sure I’m straight, it shows me he has his stuff together and isn’t trying to mooch off mine.

7. It preserves your energy.

Doing everything for yourself all the time is possible, but why do you have to spread yourself thin? Joining together with someone else is overall better for productivity and a larger resource pool ability-wise and financially. Two is more than one, so that’s twice the ability to get things done. Why not enjoy getting your back scratched to keep you motivated on your path of getting things handled in life? And on a practical level, no matter how great you are alone, you’re bound to get down on your luck or become sick at some point. Getting taken care of in the short-term when you need it will only help both of you be better in the long run.

8. It makes you proud.

I definitely want to be able to look at my man and think, “that’s bae.” Having a guy spoil you just puts that large grin on your face and gives you butterflies inside. It’s a different type of intimacy to have your wants and needs met. Don’t we all secretly want to replace our daddies with a zaddy?

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