With the world around us getting busier by the day, stress and anxiety are common after-effects of dealing with the humdrum of life. To top things off, 2022 has begun with an alarming third wave of the pandemic, now being labeled as a parallel pandemic. As we all try to keep our lives balanced and productivity high, mental health is one of the aspects that requires our immediate attention as well. If your mind is full of a hundred to-do tasks and checklists, it’s not uncommon. However, this could pile up and stop you from getting any work done. Today, this blog will share a few things that you can do to declutter your mind.

1) Practice stillness: None of us is used to being still these days since the nature of life in the 2020s is super busy. However, the pandemic lockdowns taught us how to slow things down, so we can take a page out of it and turn it into a positive lesson. Practicing stillness comes from the art of mindfulness, where we take the time to observe our thoughts for what they are. It may be difficult not to get distracted at first, but soon you will realise that stillness can be a useful tool.

2) Doing nothing is a talent: We’re not used to being alone with our thoughts, so we take up all the time to keep feeding our mind’s information. Be it scrolling on social media, watching the news or just mindlessly viewing memes; our minds have become desensitized. Sensory overload leads to overwhelm and burnout, which is detrimental to your productivity and happiness. Spend at least 5-15 minutes doing nothing every day. Yes, it may sound awkward, but make an effort to put away all your books, gadgets and media for just a while and just live in the now. Anxiety is for the future that hasn’t arrived yet, while depression is the reminiscing of the past. We are constantly feeding our mind information, so now is the time to give it a breather.

3) Talk to a therapist: Therapy has been our backbone in the last couple of years and will continue to be this way throughout the decade. A lot of us are unpacking years of programmed beliefs and conditioning, re-parenting ourselves through psychological insights. Many also use the help of CBD and THC products in a click to alleviate the symptoms and triggers of mental health disorders. All these combined with the help of your therapist can help you separate your thoughts so that you can live a fulfilling life.

4) Journal your thoughts: Journaling your observations, thoughts, tasks and goals can sound like too much work, but it can help immensely to clear up your mind. What doesn’t come out on paper stays on your mind, piling up. Since we were taught to write as kids, journaling is a natural way for you to get back into the zone and declutter unkind and unproductive thoughts.

Wrapping Up:

If you put an effort to have your physical and professional wellbeing streamlined, make the same amount of time for your mental health because it impacts everything in your life. With the art of learning how to declutter your mind, you will learn how to channel your focus to things that matter and find more peace.


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