We all take our doses of mother nature in different ways. Some of us can only unwind in the shadow of giant mountains. For others, it’s classic beach bumming, or perhaps a good hot spring soak in the neutral tones of a desert. But a couple of things we all agree on: Nature is powerful, and the more, the better.

But we can’t always escape into the woods on a whim. In the midst of a busy schedule or bustling city, The Great Outdoors may be temporarily out of reach, but that doesn’t mean we can’t bring nature inside to meet us exactly where we’re at. In fact, the more of an outside vibe we can bring to our life inside—the better we’ll feel.

Power of nature.

We intuitively know that nature makes us feel better, but science takes that one step further. Research has shown that time spent in nature, or even looking at nature, can reduce anger, fear, and stress, while increasing good feelings. It even reduces blood pressure, heart rate, and stress hormones. And when we take nature indoors, some benefits follow. For example, indoor plants have been proven to reduce stress, increase pain tolerance, and boost productivity.

These days, we have to get extra creative about squeezing in the doses of nature wherever we can. And that might look like making herbs a part of our daily routine with Ricola herb drops or learning how to parent plants. To make it easy for you, we’ve compiled a list of ways to enjoy the power of nature while tucked into the comfort of your abode.

Adopt a few houseplants with purifying properties.

Never underestimate the company of a few houseplants. Not only is it nice to add a little greenery to your inside world—but the benefits of houseplants are significant. Not only have studies shown that natural elements like plants can improve mood and reduce stress—but houseplants also detoxify the air we breathe, and some more than others… Spider plants are easy to maintain and detoxify the formaldehyde from the air. Similarly, snake plants are great for new plant parents and help cleanse the air of carbon monoxide. As a part of nature ourselves, we all have a green thumb waiting to be discovered.


Incorporate herbs into your daily routine.

Herbs have been used since the beginning of time to support health and wellness, connecting us to nature in the process. Ricola herb drops are a simple (and flavorful) way to incorporate herbs into your daily routine when the occasional cough comes around. Sourced from five different regions of the mountains in Switzerland, each drop is a blend of soothing Swiss Alpine herbs including elder, mallow, peppermint, sage, horehound, hyssop, lemon balm, linden flowers, thyme, and wild thyme. Harvested patiently by sustainable farmers, these herbs are as high quality as it gets. Next time your throat is feeling a little hoarse, enjoy the grounding and natural flavors of Ricola Berry Medley Herb Drops.

Cook a delicious plant-based meal.

Getting our hands on some fresh produce for a delicious plant-based meal is one of the best ways to connect to nature indoors. Just like a long hike, cooking engages all of our senses. As we chop vegetables, mix up dressings, and breathe in what’s roasting in the oven, we find ourselves more grounded in the present moment. Eating itself is like having a conversation with nature, and a plant-based meal leaves us feeling healthy and light.

Do a nature-sounds meditation.

Just by looking at a natural landscape, we feel more relaxed. And new data shows that it’s the same with listening to nature sounds. Natural soundscapes have been proven to improve health and positivity while lowering stress and annoyance. After a long day of phone calls and screen time, closing your eyes and listening to nature sounds can instantly unwind tension. Make a meditation out of it by taking a comfortable seat and focusing on your breath while you listen. Use the power of sound to transport yourself to the middle of a rainforest or the edge of the ocean. After getting your mind cool and collected, calm your voice with a Ricola Lemon Mint Herb Drop.

Increase the natural lighting in your home.

Studies have shown that sunlight is one of the most powerful natural elements. Natural light is proven to improve mood, support healthy vision, increase productivity, and even help us sleep better. If work has us stationed at our desk for the day, flooding our home (especially the workspace) with as much natural light as possible is one way to stay connected to nature. Bonus tip: Be diligent about taking mini work breaks, or treat your throat after all of those video calls with the Ricola Berry Medley Herb Drops. Made with juicy fruit flavors, nature is showing off with these drops. Plus, finding a little sensory engagement like taste can add some zest, pleasure, and hopefully creativity to your day.

The bottom line.

When life circumstances keep us at our desk, or indoors for the day, we can forget how critical nature is to our well-being. But the fresh air and greenery of just a quick walk around the block will remind us to double-check our priorities. Where can we add more nature to our lives? Between adding more natural elements into your home and using Ricola herb drops to support your throat, you can simply make more out of the indoors. The reality is, nature is everywhere. And its power is at your fingertips.

Originally Published: www.mindbodygreen.com


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