You’re in your 40s and rocking hard! That’s something worth celebrating. And the fact that you’re looking for skincare tips to maintain your beauty as you progress through 40 into your 50s shows how important your looks are to you.

Notably, your best bet at tighter skin as you age is if you have incorporated certain healthy habits into your daily routine right from your 20s. It’s important to use anti-wrinkle products even before spots and lines begin to set deeply. Then, it’s more about continuing these habits and adding certain ones tailored for your age bracket.
However, that doesn’t mean you cannot rejuvenate your skin now if you’ve been inconsistent with your skincare routine and lines have set.
Here are skincare tips for your 40s, according to experts.

1. Look towards vitamin C

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that dermatologists recommend for youthful, glowing skin even into your 40s. The vitamin notably supports collagen production and prevents dark spots.
For the best effect, go for high-end vitamin C serums with antioxidants like vitamin E and ferulic acid.

2. Quit tanning altogether

Whether under the sun or using tanning beds and sun lamps indoors, your skin gets exposed to UltraViolet rays. UV friends are one of your skin’s worst enemies as you ride through your 40s, so you want to quit tanning completely.

Avoid the sun as best you can, and wear dark shades.

3. Make moisturizer your best friend

If you’ve been mindful about your skin, then you probably already know how crucial it is to keep your skin moisturized. In your 40s and 50s, your skin would depend more on artificial moisturizers as their natural production diminishes drastically.

Apply facial, body, and lip moisturizers containing hyaluronic acid.

4. Use dermal fillers

As you age throughout the years, even your frequent beautiful smiles leave their mark in the form of fine lines. These contours appear as your skin begins to lose its elasticity. The contractions can no longer straighten out easily since the skin is no longer tight.

Botox, an injectable, works to control and smoothen out fine lines by relaxing the facial muscles once again. If fine lines and wrinkles are already beginning to show up in your 40s, Botox can be a great start to your skincare routine. You can then begin observing the necessary tips to maintain your looks when the wrinkles have been reduced.
However, you can only get the best and most natural results when you work with experienced providers. That’s why Botox at Face Forward Medical Aesthetics remains one of the most reliable procedures you can get. The doctors will listen to your concerns and determine the best approach to employ.

5. Use products targeting certain anti-aging issues

The sun accounts for about 80% of the skin’s aging process, so sunscreen is a must as you get older. Wear eye creams to target the fine lines around your eyelids, and use serums designed to boost collagen production.

6. Exfoliate 2-3 times a week

As you get older, dead skin cells no longer shed as fast as they should. This leaves your skin looking dull and full.

It becomes important to add exfoliation into your skincare routine as you cross 40. Exfoliate (physically and/or chemically) at least two but not more than three times a week to help maintain that youthful glow.

Make sure not to go overboard as older skin is more delicate. Use calming elixir to soothe the skin after every scrub.


Stay consistent with your skincare routine. Even though you use the best products, you would hardly see any effect if you only use them now and them. Consistency is key to maintaining that youthful appearance for years to come.


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