A holiday promises good times as you get a break from the routine to relax and rejuvenate. Imagine sleeping until late, relaxing on the beach, soaking in the sun while looking at the waves, and going on long bike rides. The entire experience can refresh your body, mind, and soul. But things may go out of control if a negligent driver crashes into your bicycle, and you get hurt in a new city miles away from home. The accident can ruin the vacation and land you in the hospital. Knowing what to do in such a situation gets you in a better place for dealing with the mishap and its aftermath. Let us share some tips to handle a bicycle accident during a holiday.

Check for injuries

Your well-being should be the top priority after getting into an accident. Bicycle accidents are likely to be more dangerous because you are not inside a vehicle. Moreover, you may be at high risk when riding without a helmet and protective equipment like kneecaps and elbow guards. You may overlook the injuries if they seem minor, but it is the last thing you should do. Evaluate yourself and get help immediately, even if there are minor cuts and bruises on your skin. You cannot rule out the chances of an internal injury after a road accident. Pay attention to signs like headache, confusion, nausea, and temporary memory loss.

Note everything down

Besides checking for injuries and getting medical aid, you must note down the details of the mishap. Most victims fall short on this front because they are too shocked or in pain. But the presence of mind can help you claim compensation for an accident caused by someone else’s negligence. Write down everything about the accident, from time, road conditions, weather, and vehicle details. Taking pictures of the accident spot and your injuries strengthens your evidence even more. Remember to note the contact details of the eyewitnesses. You can ask a bystander to do it for you if you are badly hurt.

Consult a lawyer

You can claim compensation under the personal injury law for an accident caused by a negligent driver. In fact, you can do it even if on a holiday in another part of the country. Collaborating with a local bicycle accident lawyer is a good idea because they know the nuances of such mishaps. Do not hesitate to do it even when away from home because you deserve compensation for your injuries and damages. Share details and evidence of the mishap, your medical bills, and other damages sustained in the accident. A seasoned lawyer ensures you get adequate coverage and do not settle for a lowball offer from the guilty driver’s insurance company.

Report the mishap

You may want to skimp on reporting the accident to the local police if your injuries are minor because you do not want to spoil your holiday. But you must absolutely do it because severe complications may surface down the line. Not having a police report means you have no case against the guilty driver. It also means you cannot claim compensation from their insurance company. Besides reporting the accident to the police, you must also inform your tour operator about it. Obtain copies of these reports because these are vital pieces of evidence.

Call your loved ones

Sustaining injuries on a holiday can be a daunting experience because you are away from home. Things get even more challenging when you are on a solo trip and have no one to look after you. Recovery may take time, and the pain and anxiety worsen when you are alone in a hospital bed miles away from your family. Even if you have friends with you on the trip, you must call your loved ones. You will need someone to look after you during the recovery phase and accompany you back home once the doctors allow you to leave.
Although you may have travel insurance to cover the risks, you should not let a negligent driver go unpunished. Ensure getting help and treatment in the first place after a bicycle mishap, and initiate a compensation claim sooner than later. Negotiating an offer with an insurance provider is the last thing you should do. Always seek legal assistance because a lawyer is the best person to calculate the claim you deserve and ensure you get it. Also, do not let the tragic incident affect your mental well-being or cause a phobia that keeps you from riding again.


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