Toenail fungus is also known as onychomycosis which begins as a white or yellow spot under the tip of your toenail. It is caused by various fungal organisms (fungi). Yeasts and molds also contribute to nail infections.

Toenail infection starts from foot fungus, spreading from one nail to another. There are several treatments- some of which are toenail infections, such as terbinafine, Fluconazole, etc. However, these treatments have several side effects ranging from stomach upsets to skin issues and jaundice.

If your condition is mild, you may not require treatment, and home remedies may suffice your needs. However, if your nail infection is painful, you may need professional therapies to cure it. After all, overlooking the condition can impair your ability to walk.

That said, let’s discuss some of the best home remedies and professional treatments to cure toenail fungus:

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil comes with several therapeutic benefits. It has antifungal properties, which are effective in treating nail infections.

Know that treating nail infections can be challenging as they can’t be cured right away. However, if you apply tea tree oil regularly, you will see the results over time. Remember, the results won’t be immediate, and it will take some time to heal.

Combining tea tree oil with medicated creams can be a wise decision. Experts say that using tea tree oil with creams containing butenafine hydrochloride manages nail fungus.

Laser Treatment

While treating the infection can be effective with home remedies, podiatrists recommend undergoing laser treatment to cure the fungus if you want quicker results. However, make sure you visit only an experienced professional.

The best treatment for nails is the Lunula Laser System. The top podiatrist, Dr. Nam Tran, considers this a painless and straightforward solution. Know that low-level laser light is used to treat the infection.

According to a study, after six months of laser treatment, most patients have experienced 6.15mm of new apparent nail growth, or 37% of people have witnessed clearing the nail.

Olive Leaf Extract

Another best home remedy for nail infections is olive leaf extract. It contains oleuropein and comes with antifungal, antimicrobial, and immune-boosting abilities.

You can apply the olive leaf extract directly to the nails or consume it in the form of capsules. If you’re looking to get rid of the infection through olive leaf extract, taking three pills twice a day can be your best bet. Ensure that you take medications with your meals and drink plenty of water to avoid upsetting your stomach.

Adjust Your Diet

The more healthy food you eat, the greater are the chances for your body to fight off infections. As yeasts cause it, avoid sugar, white bread, pasta, alcohol, etc. Eliminating such foods for two months and keeping your diet based on safe foods (meats, fish, brown rice, fresh vegetables, and oats.) can help you experience noticeable results.

At the same time, consider eating a good quality supplement containing acidophilus and Bifidus bacteria. These healthy strains of bacteria will help you restore the natural balance of organisms in your gut, thereby helping to control yeast growth in your body.

The Bottom Line

Several factors are involved when treating nail infections, including nail penetrability, infection severity, and overall health.

While home remedies may take longer to heal, undergoing laser treatment to treat nail infections can be your best bet. Once the infection is gone, make sure to keep your nails dry, clean, and well-trimmed.


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