If you’re privy to the wide world of crystals, you’re probably aware that certain ones are considered best for different things. In the case of love, these are the crystals you’ll want in your collection, according to experts who work with stones day in and day out.

1. Green aventurine

Green aventurine is a variety of quartz that’s believed to be one of the luckiest crystals out there, and that includes luck in love. Like all green crystals, it connects to the heart chakra, which relates to our ability to both give and receive love. As crystal expert Heather Askinosie previously told mbg, green aventurine serves as a reminder that luck and opportunity are all around you and can help open your heart to receiving.

2. Rose quartz

A classic crystal for connecting to your heart and fostering love, rose quartz is another variety of quartz to consider. As Askinosie previously explained, it’s “equally powerful for manifesting new relationships and deepening existing ones—whether it’s the relationship you have with yourself, a romantic partner, or friends and family. Whenever you’re seeking more love in your life, this is the go-to stone.”

3. Malachite

Malachite is a mineral of copper carbonate hydroxide, with a green color that resonates with the heart chakra and vibrations of love. As spiritual author Emma Mildon writes for mbg, malachite is a balancing stone that can “help you feel stable, safe, and secure in opening your heart up to all types of love.”

And crystal expert Ashley Leavy previously told us, it’s also a great stone for “encouraging self-love and unconditional love, plus for enhancing confidence as well as compassion.”

4. Sunstone

If you’re looking to spice up your love life in the bedroom, you may want to consider a stone for tapping into your sensuality, such as sunstone. After all, love is a process of intimacy, and according to Askinosie, sunstone “keeps our sensual essence from lying dormant within us and encourages it to flourish outward instead. As Sunstone carries the revitalizing energy of the sun, it has the ability to bring light back into our life and our true, beautiful being.”

5. Carnelian

Carnelian is another great crystal for supporting relationships (and a healthy sex life). It’s a variety of the mineral chalcedony and is known for promoting happiness, joy, and creativity—all great things to cultivate in your love life. And according to Mildon, since carnelian is associated with the sacral chakra, it can amplify your intentions around all things creative and/or sexual.

6. Clear quartz

The thing to understand about clear quartz is that this is a stone that can support a lot of intentions. According to Leavy, whether you want to amplify loving energy, repel negative energy, or simply clear your mind, clear quartz can help. Apply it to your love life, and you’ve got a crystal for any of your relationship-related needs.

7. Emerald

The striking green emerald is another great stone to connect with your heart chakra and promote love, compassion, and an open heart. It’s a variety of the mineral beryl, and Mildon even recommends incorporating it into a crystal grid for romance to attract new love because it’s such a powerful stone.

8. Smoky quartz

If you’re feeling some roadblocks in your love life, Askinosie notes that smoky quartz can act as a shield against unwanted negative energy—and even unhealthy relationship patterns. “Meditating while holding this crystal in your hand can help you identify and let go of stale, sticky patterns and beliefs that are holding you back. Energetically speaking, removing this old energy can help clear space for new and more positive energy to flutter in,” she previously explained.

9. Garnet

Garnet (which happens to be January’s birthstone) is an excellent stone if you’re feeling a bit ungrounded or insecure in your relationship. As Yulia Van Doren, founder of Goldirocks, previously explained to mbg, garnet can support you in keeping your boundaries firm while also helping to remove your inhibitions about exploring your soul’s true desires. We’ll take it!

10. Moonstone

Moonstone is a gemstone of sodium potassium aluminium silicate, known for its connection to the heart chakra, as well as intuition and good luck. According to Leavy, it’s also helpful for manifesting, so if you’re looking to manifest love, she says, it’s a good one to work with. “Moonstone encourages you to experience the freedom that’s found through giving in to your wild side and following your passions,” she adds—and what’s more liberating and passionate than love itself?

11. Obsidian

If you’re looking for love, it never hurts to have some extra protection from negative energies. Obsidian is your go-to crystal for this, helping to block off unwanted suitors. According to Leavy, it helps you stay balanced, grounded, and clearheaded, which are all things you want to be when you’re looking to grow a relationship—or just embark on a first date.

12. Rhodonite

Another crystal connected to the heart chakra, rhodonite is a gorgeous pink stone that’s all about encouraging love and compassion, as well as healing matters of the heart. According to Leavy, it even has ties with the planet of love and beauty, Venus.

13. Lapis lazuli

Last but certainly not least, lapis lazuli is a great stone for love when it comes to boosting your communication skills. Healthy communication is a fundamental aspect of any solid relationship, and this stone, according to Mildon, can help you speak your truth in a productive and loving way.

The takeaway.

There’s a lot that goes into love; communication, joy, sensuality, and so much more. Any (or all) of these crystals—when paired with the power of your intention, of course—can help you make leaps in your love life and find the relationship you’re seeking, even if that’s your relationship with yourself.

Originally Published: www.mindbodygreen.com


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