We must remember that creation will always remain a mystery. Why this creation? No one can tell. We cannot say that it is for the Bhagavan’s own enjoyment, for He does not enjoy anything outside of Himself. He is perfect and pure Consciousness. Neither can there be another enjoyed, for the enjoyer must be conscious, and whatever is conscious is Bhagavan, the One without a second. Nor can we say it is to secure moksha, because in its very nature creation is opposed to moksha, it meaning bondage.

Furthermore, the question itself is illogical. Creation is maya, delusion. As long as we are under the influence of maya, how can we expect to explain the illusion? The dreamer cannot explain the dream. He must first wake up. And when we wake up, the question loses all its importance. Then the universe will be seen as a mirage. It loses its significance; it is of no more account than a little mud puddle. He who knows the Truth becomes blissfulness itself. He finds all enjoyment in himself and not outside. The world holds no charm for him. Therefore, Vedanta says, do not stop to find out why and how you got this disease of ignorance; cure the disease, get rid of it and be happy. Answers to the questions who, how and why certainly lie beyond the universe, beyond maya. But being under maya’s sway, how then can we explain it? Can a hypnotized person explain how and why he is hypnotized? Certainly not, as long as he is under the hypnotic influence. Hence, instead of questioning we must try to throw off the hypnotic influence. This we can do in two ways: either by taking refuge in Bhagavan who is the great magician, or through self-analysis, meditation and discrimination.

These things are difficult to understand. Even the wise cannot understand them. Even they cannot grasp these divine mysteries, what to speak of fools!

Originally Published: www.hindu-blog.com


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