Many people think you can only travel if you are rich or when you retire and collect money enough to go on a long journey. These are all just excuses of people who are not ready to put some efforts into implementing their travelling dreams. In fact, you can travel anytime and anywhere if you prepare well and alter your life a little bit.
This goes the same for students. As a student, you’ve got the time, youth, enthusiasm, student discounts and no adult burden yet. All you need is to collect enough money and set on travelling with no hurdles. Go through some useful tips and strategies and make one step closer to your travelling dreams come true.

Do the Life Reassessment

There is no need to inherit millions to have some extra money as a student and go travelling. You only have re-assess your life, tighten your belt (no starving here), and get rid of unnecessary expenses.

Analyze Your Spending

If you don’t know where to start, stop for a moment every day and write all your expenses down. This will give you what to look through and analyze at the end of the week. Highlight the expenses you can eliminate, think of cheaper substitutes, and keep everything visualize to live cheaper next week. Keep records and do analysis on a regular basis to be able to keep to more reasonable lifestyle and save for travelling easily.

Create and Follow the Budget

Once you manage to analyze and write down your income and expenses, it is time to create your budget, either weekly or monthly one. If you still haven’t got one, you can make up a budget either on paper or in some app. You are recommended opting for the latter option. There are multiple programs to help you track, organize, and reduce your expenses. Once you manage to keep up with your financial plan, you will find ways to save some money for travelling as well.

Cut Off Unnecessary Spending

When analyzing how much you spend on nonsense, you will have a chance to get rid of unnecessary expenses and substitute others with budget options. Here are some excellent ideas on how to optimize your expenses:
• Get rid of bad habits – it will add to your health and wallet
• Have a coffee at home or take it on in your thermo cup
• Cook at home and prepare homemade snacks – healthier and cheaper option
• Go shopping for clothes only if necessary, use discounts
• Stay in at the weekends or have a house party
• Commute on foot or by bike – healthy and fewer expenses on petrol and insurance
• Share rent.
There are so many more ideas, how you can optimize your expenses and reduce waste. Just put in some efforts and reach your target successfully bit by bit.

Earn Some Extra

Most students do a part-time job, and it can be the right way for you to save for travelling. You can do some work on the campus, such as providing capstone paper writing service or doing tutoring, or go waitressing, car cleaning, working as a shop assistant and so many more. You can also sell some stuff, such as students’ notes or books, clothes you don’t wear, the musical instrument you don’t play anymore, and so on. This way, you will not only get pocket money but save on your travel without hurdles.

Get Prepared to Travel on Budget

As an average student, you shouldn’t have any illusions of being able to have a luxurious journey. It will be a budget trip, without big restaurants, hotel penthouses, or business-class tickets. But being modest in complementary expenses, you will be able to spend more on what really matters, views, sights, museums, and travel wonders.

Booking is Your Everything

If you have the possibility, book accommodation and tickets in advance. Early birds pay less. Many companies allow you to save up to half a price if you buy their products and services several months in advance. So, being sure of your travel date and having collected some money beforehand you can book and purchase tickets and rooms in advance.

Don’t Be Picky in Eating and Sleeping

Don’t waste too much money on eating and sleeping. Instead of famous restaurants, you can opt for street food and small cafes. This way you can waste less and learn more about the local cuisine. Still, be observant and careful not to get health problems because of the poor quality of food. The same goes for accommodation. Go after hostels, couch surfing, room sharing and other cheap variants. But mind your personal security as a priority.

Make Money on the Go

Earn money as you travel. This way, you will have a chance to expend your travel budget and not live on bread and water when you return home. You can do a remote job, such as writing, design, IT, photography, and so on. You can also work on the go and do some odd jobs, counting waitressing, street performance, cooking, house chores assistance, and many more. All in all, you will easily find some extra work anytime and anywhere if you have a desire.

Go after Experience, not Luxury

The main thing is to realize what you are after. You are travelling not taste expensive dishes and sleep in an expensive bed. But to gain significant experience, emotions, and make your travel dreams and plans come true. Once you bear this in mind, you will get rid of all the personal limits and travel with delight.


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