A damaged tooth is an important reason to see a dentist. It doesn’t matter if you are in pain or not.  There is much to be gained by seeking help immediately.  You may prevent a problem or keep a problem from getting worse. Here’s what you need to know.

The Dangers of a Chipped or Broken Tooth

It may happen in an accident or it may happen over time. Either way, if you notice that your tooth is chipped or broken, you need a dentist.  Even the healthiest tooth will develop a cavity if it has been chipped or broken in any way. That’s reason’s number one.  If it’s more than one tooth, then the need is multiplied by every additional tooth.

A dentist can use teeth bonding material to reconstruct the missing part of the tooth. That will do three things. First, it makes the tooth strong again. This means it is far less likely to break. Two, it stops cavities from forming on the jagged edge of the broken tooth. Three, it makes the tooth look normal, and that may mean a lot to your smile.

There is a second reason to see a dentist that is equally important. A chipped or broken tooth may indicate a bigger structural issue. You may need oral surgery to save the tooth. Dental crowns may be used to cap the tooth and allow you to keep it.

The Warning Signs of Loose or Missing Teeth

If you lose a tooth or one is loose, this is a sign to call the dentist right away. There are many possible causes of tooth loss, and many are preventable if caught fast enough. On the other hand, a dentist can’t restore a tooth that has already dropped out of your mouth, but they still have work to do. They need to make a diagnosis and perform treatments to make sure your other teeth won’t meet the same fate.

The Meaning of a Bleeding Tooth

A bleeding tooth may have been damaged in an accident, or it may just have come loose on its own and is bleeding.  The bleeding may actually signal that the gums are sick and need treatment.  Whatever the case, it is worth it to go straight to the dentist for help.

The Significance of Loose or Lost Dental Work

Sometimes a crown will come off, or, it may be a cavity that drops out of a tooth. If you have dental work that has come undone or been lost entirely, you should go to the dentist right away.  Whenever this happens, it leaves the tooth vulnerable to accelerating decay.  The crown and the filling provided valuable protection that is now gone. This is true also of veneers. Although they are not for cavity prevention, the way the dentist has scraped the tooth before applying a veneer makes the tooth vulnerable if the veneer has popped off.
By the way, some of these problems may indicate an infection. This can be serious, and it is just another reason to get to the dentist when one of these situations occurs.


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