Psychological Profile Characteristics of an Unfaithful Person

Being an unfaithful person is a concept that has been the same for years. Some people differentiate unfaithfulness and disloyalty. Others believe that there is no infidelity. And you, what do you think about this?

Today we will see what the characteristics of an unfaithful person are, but first, we have to clarify what it is to be unfaithful and why people come to that.

What is it to be unfaithful?

Many people are very clear about what it is to be unfaithful. Infidelity means the breach of trust between the couple. In being untrue, we lie consciously, for we know that our behavior is not right.

Some people differentiate between infidelity and disloyalty. The difference seems to be very clear, but it is not easy to understand. Infidelity involves being with others other than your partner. Many open relationships work under these premises. If this has already been discussed and allowed between the couple, it may not be considered unfaithfulness. There are no lies, both people involved know and respect each other.

But what about disloyalty? Disloyalty means infidelity without the consent of your partner, without his knowing the fact. Most infidels are in a monogamous relationship, while their bodies yearn to be with other people. Nevertheless, instead of being clear with their partners and expressing their wishes, they prefer to hide the evidence.


Types of unfaithful disloyalties

People may even forgive one infidelity or another, depending on what they consider to be “unfaithful.”

– Have sex with someone else.

– They exchange kisses and caresses.

– They flirted with someone else.

– They exchange spicy messages.

Six Profile Characteristics of a Disloyal or Unfaithful Person

They are always on the go, because they feel desire for other people, or because they regard their lives being riddled with monotony, or for lack of passion in their relationship; these people search for new sensations, new challenges. They decide to cheat without trying to solve their needs within their relationships.  But there are characteristics that can match a profile of an unfaithful and disloyal person that fits in every case. Do you want to know what it is?

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Unfaithful Person Characteristic #1 – Frequent jealousy

jealousy argument

It is a contradiction, but it does. The infidels feel that they made a mistake and that their behavior was not correct. They lie to their partners, and this produces in them a kind of fear of their partner doing the same.

The problem is when this behavior becomes sickly jealousy. Something that only exists in the imagination of the infidels by the guilty conscience that torments them.

Unfaithful Person Characteristic #2 – Unstable emotions

Emotions that become unstable are very extreme. The unfaithful part easily becomes aggressive, controlling, inventing things that do not exist. This only shows the mental conflict that this unfaithful person has in his/her head and ends up expressing emotionally.

Unfaithful Person Characteristic #3 – Need for dependency

The unfaithful person suddenly becomes dependent on his partner telling him how much she/he needs the other, how much they love them. This creates a great difficulty in the relationship, causing strangeness. The partner or partners may begin to feel overwhelmed and suspicious.

Unfaithful Person Characteristic #4 – Contradictory ideas about love

Infidelity tends to change the concept of what was, until then, what was established as mutual love. The person begins to have ideas to recreate the sexual passion with his partner, perhaps to try new things. Something innovative that, until then, had not happened before.

The unfaithful will probably begin to change the way he views relationships and begins to consider the possibility of an open relationship or some other way. Pay attention to these signs!

Unfaithful Person Characteristic #5 – Addiction and company search

 If the relationship is broken by disloyalty, the unfaithful, fervently, goes out looking for another partner. Some people need to have a companion, so they can be unfaithful.

These people do not seek profuse relations. The consequences, again, will be jealousy, betrayal, and the same vicious circle as before. This kind of relationship is not healthy at all.

argument breakup

Unfaithful Person Characteristic #6 – Emotional needs

 Many unfaithful people use sex to satisfy their emotional needs, that are not met. That is why they take refuge in a situation where they believe they will solve that need, when, in fact, this does not happen. They only increase frustration and discomfort.


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