Finding Your Destiny or Life’s Purpose Through Numerology

To find your life purpose or destiny numerology number, you calculate the sum of your birthday digits. month + day + year.Finding Your Destiny numerology number formula:

To have an accurate calculation, add each number separately.

Example: Meryl Streep (born, June 22, 1949): 6+2+2+1+9+4+9=33. Your destiny is a 33/6.

33 is a master number (when the double-digit has the same number). The 33 is mastery of creativity and self-expression in every form, be it acting, art, music, and speaking. The 6 is all about compassion and service. Doesn’t this describe Meryl Streep? She is an award-winning actress that also is full of heart.

Everyone does not meet its life purpose 100% of the time, especially if it is a master number. We are here to learn our lessons. We can use these lessons to strengthen our lives, or we can feel victim to  “why me?”. It is all about choice. And you can flip the switch any moment in the day. One thing you can trust, even if it only lasts for an hour, when you are feeling satisfied, joyful and/or inspired, you are meeting your life purpose.

Finding Your Destiny or Life Purpose Number through Numerology


Formula: Birthday Month + day + year (remember to add each number separately to allow for a possible master number) There are no two people with the same destiny that approach life the same way. Even twins, born within minutes of each other with the same family seek their destiny differently.

For example, all 5s are not alike, destined for fame. What you do with your life is up to you. That said, here are a few essential characteristics for each destiny. Once you have calculated your destiny numerology number, take a look at the themes and lessons below: To note, if you do not feel aligned with your destiny numerology description, ask yourself, what is the shadow or lesson about the number that would help me in life?

Finding Your Destiny Numerology Number Themes and Lessons

1 ~ One Destiny: The Leader, Politician, Entrepreneur, Inspirer, an Inventor in any field.

The Lessons of the mind: To push through insecurities and doubt and develop confidence.

Example: Martin Luther King. (Born 1/15/1929); Barbara Walters (9/25/1929)

2 ~ Two Destiny: All about relationships. Therapist, Researcher, Arbitrator, Understanding Balance, and Fairness.

The Lessons of mind and heart: How we cooperate, how we love, how we learn to connect and open our hearts without losing ourselves.

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Example: Therapist Wayne Dyer (born 5/10/1940), Rosa Parks (2/4/1913)

3 ~ Three Destiny: Creative self-expression in all forms. — Art, music, Dance, Writing and public speaking. Writer, musician, singer, public speaker, artist.

The Lessons of the mind and voice. The lessons of three are to communicate openly, honestly and passionately, letting go of judgments of self and others.

Example: Beyonce (9/4/1981); David Bowie (1/8/1947)

4 ~ Four Destiny: Understanding structure. Builder, architect, designer, working with hands, a computer expert, organizer, cook

The Lessons of the Physical Body and Mind. Patience, practice being open and flexible.

Example: Bill Gates (born 10/28/1955); Oprah Winfrey ( born 1/29/1954)

5 ~ Five Destiny: People person. Charismatic entertainer, actor and athlete, travel agent, party planner

The Lesson of the physical and spiritual. Living life with passion. Learning to slow down and respecting body and freedom. Keeping focused on one task at a time.

Example: Mick Jagger: born 7/26/1943; comedian Ellen DeGeneres, (born 1/26/1958)

6 ~ Six Destiny: Teacher, counselor, community organizer, compassionate friend, and healer.

The Lessons of the heart and spirit. To be patient, accepting, and to speak the truth without judgment or desire for an outcome.

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Example: John Lennon (10/9/1940); Michael Jackson (8/29/1950)

7 ~ Seven Destiny: Following the road not taken. The spiritual connection with nature, beauty, and the cosmos; the nonconformist, yogi, poet, artist, philosopher, photographer.

Lessons of the Spiritual and Mind. Finding the answers within yourself and trusting them; enjoying life and others.

Example: Princess Diana (7/1/1961) / Johnny Depp (6/9/1963)

8 ~ Eight Destiny: Outgoing and successful leader in politics, entertainment, business and spiritual fields.

The Lessons of the mind, body, and spirit. Understanding empowerment; To lead with compassion for others and not the ego.

Example: Barbra Streisand born (4/24/1942); Nelson Mandela (7/18/1918)

9 ~ Nine Destiny: Connection to the bigger picture and transformation and understanding the psyche. Spiritual leader, politician, scientist, psychologist

The Lessons of the Mind and Spirit: Recognize the patterns and let them go when they no longer serve your well-being. Release caring what other people think.

Example: Mahatma Gandhi (10/2/1869), Mother Teresa (8/26/1910)

Master Destiny Numbers

Master 11/2 Destiny: inspiring politician, leader, inventor, entertainer. In Mastery, these ideas can make a significant impact on others.

The Lessons of the mind and spirit: Moving beyond ego and personal gain. Patience and acceptance of self and others.

Example: Michelle Obama (1/17/1964); Barack Obama (8/4/1961)

Master 22/4 Destiny: The powerful arbitrator, counselor, healer, and builder uses an intuitive knowledge of relationships and structure. Their connection with others can assist in transforming and enlightening people and their environment.

The Lessons of the mind and body: Patience, compassion for others, releasing the ego, loving self

Example: Shonda Rhimes (1+1+3+1+9+7+0); Luciano Pavarotti (born 10/12/1935)

Master 33/6 Destiny: Dynamic creativity and service in any field – art, entertainment, writing, directing, photography, video, etc.

The Lessons of the Mind and Heart: Releasing judgment of self and others. Compassion for self and others without care-taking.

Example: Meryl Streep (born June 22, 1949), BB King (9/16/1925)

Master 44/8 Destiny: Architect, producer, director, CEO, speaker. The master architect and alchemist whose leadership skills can transform an idea and structure into a powerful and life-altering accomplishment.  

The Lessons: let go of ego and open to how you can empower self and others. Insecurity because of perfectionism. This numerology destiny number is rare. I have no examples. 44’s can appear in one’s name as activist and entertainer, Bono.



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