You’ve heard of intuition, and you’ve probably also heard of reiki, but you may have never considered how these two things can work together. Here, we look at how reiki can strengthen intuition, plus how to work with the particular types of intuition, or “clairs,” that you have, to tap into your own innate intelligence.

How reiki relates to intuition.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique that heals our energetic body, which in turn affects our mental, emotional, and physical body. Most people experience reiki through 1:1 healing sessions in order to clear energetic blockages and align their chakras.

During the attunement process in Reiki I and II training, you are guided into a deep meditation to receive reiki energy straight from the source. This intelligent energy knows where to go in your body to break up blockages.

Once the reiki energy restores healthy flow through your chakras, something incredible occurs: You begin to have a multisensory experience and start activating the fullest potential of your energy centers. Part of this activation involves awakening your psychic gifts, known as the “clairs.”

Awakening our clair gifts, or intuition, connects us to the highest form of intelligence. These gifts may not be seen, felt, heard, or touched with our normal five senses. They go beyond time and space and serve as flashlights on our path to healing and living abundantly. And quite frankly, it’s simply fun to be able to play in the world of the unseen.

We all have access to the clairs—and most of us are already in tune with at least one or two. There are many modalities to awaken your intuition, with reiki being one of them.

The 8 “clairs” & how to work with them.

As reiki clears the way for energy to flow through your chakra centers, and you’re better able to tap into your intuition, here are the eight clairs to watch out for, plus how to work with them. (Keep in mind, you may be strong with some clairs and not so much with others, but all of them can be strengthened!)

1. Clairsentience

One of the most common clairs is the gift of feeling. Perhaps you notice after hanging out with certain people, you feel exhausted. On the other hand, if you hang out with a friend that sees, hears, and inspires you completely, you feel full of energy afterward.

These feelings relate to the gift of clairsentience because we can literally feel the energy of the other. Our ability to feel others’ energies gives us intelligent information on where we can choose to give and receive our energy.

How to tap into clairsentience:

Observe your energy throughout the day and notice when it ebbs and flows. What environment were you in? What people were surrounding you? How did that influence your energy fluctuating? Keep track of this over time, perhaps in a journal.

2. Clairvoyance

Another clair is clairvoyance, or the gift of sight. Some healers are so gifted, they can see other people’s auras and spirit guides. Clairvoyance is also pronounced in dreams, repeating numbers, animals, colors, and the imagination.

How to tap into clairvoyance:

To expand upon the gift of clairvoyance, practice visualization. Bring out a blank canvas or notebook pad and paint, draw, or color your favorite place in the world.

3. Clairaudience

Clairaudience is the gift of hearing. Some may experience this clair as hearing repeating affirmations or words of wisdom in deep meditation, while others may experience things like hearing a song play in a serendipitous moment. When this voice or message comes through you, it immediately uplifts you.

How to tap into clairaudience:

Listen to the lyrics of a song and try to write out the lyrics as you hear them. This will flex your hearing muscle.

4. Claircognizance

Claircognizance is the gift of knowing. Have you ever pulled an idea out of “nowhere” that was genius and made for great success? Or have you ever had an easy time learning something new? The gift of claircognizance represents our ability to just know things. The key to differentiating this gift from our mundane thoughts is honoring when you have a genius idea flow through you.

How to tap into claircognizance:

The next time you have a random idea, write it down. Then, take action on it. Can you share it with someone who can support it coming to fruition? What tools do you have right now to start bringing it to life?

5. Clairtangence

This clair is the gift of touch. If you’ve ever been in an antiques store and felt completely overwhelmed, that’s because antique objects hold a lot of energy, so when you’re surrounded by a room full of them, it’s easy to feel overstimulated.

A similar thing can happen when you hold an object that belonged to a loved one that has passed. Certain memories or feelings may come forward when you engage with this object, giving you the ability of clairtangence.

How to tap into clairtangence:

Collect an article or object from an ancestor and sit with it. Observe any memories or feelings that come forward.

6. Clairempathy

Clairempathy is the ability to deeply feel another’s emotions beyond time and space. A prime example of this would be having a bad feeling about a friend you haven’t talked to in a while, and then when you call them, you find out they’ve been having a hard time.

Clairempathy is strongest with people we are close to and opens up our ability to feel when something is or isn’t right with them. It can give us insight into when we can be of service to others and offer them support.

How to tap into clairempathy:

The next time you think of a friend out of the blue, send them a text that you were thinking about them. Continuously practice this and notice the synchronicities unfold.

7. Clairalience

Clairalience is the gift of smell. Have you ever been somewhere and smelled something very strongly, yet the person next to you couldn’t smell anything? This particular clair awakens us to scent that provides information beyond our physical senses. Certain angels and guides are actually thought to have specific smells, such as archangel Michael, who is known to smell like freshly baked cookies.

How to tap into clairalience:

Cook a meal with at least five to six different spices and herbs. Close your eyes, and identify the smell of each of them.

8. Clairgustance

And last but not least, clairgustance is the gift of taste. Some may experience this sense of taste as a strong urge to cook a favorite meal of a loved one who has passed. The taste comes in so strong, it can feel as if you just took an actual bite of it.

How to tap into clairgustance:

Before your next meal, think of what it would taste like. Taste every ingredient in your mouth as if you were really enjoying it in that moment.

The takeaway.

The most important principle to remember when expanding your clair gifts is to practice compassion and have fun. These are gifts that are already within you, and by continuously flexing your intuitive muscle, they will naturally unfold in ways you could never have imagined. If you want to tap into your own intuition even more, a reiki session or two can help clear the way for even more inner knowledge to come through.

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