Karma seems to be another trending word these days.

While we all carry our personal Karma, we are also part of our Family Karma. The difference here is that Karma is carried down from one generation to the next.

Family Karma is genetically charged and transcends down from several ancestors. It is like blood. Or could be called an inheritance by nature. For those in the dark, Karma translates literally to ‘action.’

The practice or mention of it dates back to the oldest religions and philosophical texts of humankind. This includes Jainism, Spiritualism, Hinduism, and even Buddhism. The concept of family karma is discussed very minutely.

Karma: The View In Plural

In order to understand family karma, one has to know its meaning in various forms of ancient texts.

Hinduism And Karma

In the Hindu text, karma is the return of our ‘deeds.’ Everything we do in the past affects what we do in the present. In fact, some of them even transcend from one life on earth to our next. Our soul carries it. It also moves on to the next reincarnation.

Karma And Buddhism

Karma, in Buddhist texts, refers to our intentions. Above everything else, it is decided by our inspiration towards our actions. Since the choices are judged, it is also responsible for the will of our thoughts. And in a sense, it becomes the consequences of our will to keep living.

Jainism And Karma

Karma’s doctrine, in Jainism, is distinctive. In Hinduism, it is more nature’s Law. But Jainism inscribes it as an attraction of someone’s thoughts and deeds. The past, here, plays a vital role in how the future is determined. Here, karma is somewhat a physical substance present in the universe.

Karma And Spiritualism

Spiritualism seems to be the most accepting belief system of the karmic wave. The Law of Effect and Cause is followed deeply in spiritualism. Doctrines in spiritualism have practiced this law for as long as the belief has been around. And the reincarnated soul carries the burden of this karma to the next life.

The law in the spiritual realm follows this pattern. When we live a life of disagreements or problems, we are reincarnated in a family of similar problems to solve. But it is done in order to achieve enlightenment. So that the structure of karma is broken.

What Is Family Karma?

Family karma is a genetic transition of a karmic characteristic. It is passed from one generation to the other. At times, such patterns of karma follow and haunt the lineage of the same hereditary. A karmic behavior is often observed in family karma by the karmic reactions of our parents or grandparents.

We may be spiritual beings of purity. But evil entities can haunt us from our parental lines as well. It is possible that the parents have been spiritually ill. Abused or traumatized parents pass these traits unintentionally to their children as well.

Not having a healthy relationship with parents can also reincarnate family trauma. But there is a way out. Children can help parents fight their spiritual blockages.

Do You Have Family Karma?

People who go through family karma often have some common symptoms. Those are:

1. You are too sensitive with the current family. And it could be a pattern.

2. There could be strange conversations between the family as energies keep conversing.

3. There may be a feeling or burden of several responsibilities at once.

4. A spiritual aura surrounds you and develops itself vigorously. The spiritual life has most of your attention.

Family karma could be gotten rid of. But not completely. There are ways to fight it or even cleanse it. Because there has never been a secret recipe to it.

But it has always been affected or dissolved by forgiveness and gratitude.

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