The days of going to a therapist and sitting in a chair are long gone. These days, talking to a therapist is as easy as connecting to the internet. Online counselling is not only more affordable but also a whole lot more convenient for people who work full-time or live in remote areas where good therapists are hard to find.

Online therapy, also referred to as Internet-delivered therapy or telemedicine, is a relatively new service in mental health. It has been used only as an adjunct to traditional care, but its number is expected to increase rapidly over the next few years.

Reduces the stigma of therapy

Those who use online therapy often cite the stigma attached to therapy as a primary reason for seeking help online. Traditional face-to-face therapy is not only expensive and inconvenient but it is also associated with negative thoughts about mental health. The anonymity of online therapy helps users get the help they need while avoiding the negativity that surrounds traditional therapy.

Online therapy can be more effective in some cases

There is overwhelming evidence that therapy delivered online is just as effective as face-to-face therapy. It helps that video and audio conferencing technology has improved to such an extent, users get a very realistic experience. Live video chat sessions let you see the therapist on the other end, making it easier to relate to them. While mental health professionals are still getting comfortable with the technology, telehealth has slowly begun to become a useful tool in treating mental illness.

Online therapy can be convenient

A lot of people may assume that online therapy isn’t as effective as face-to-face therapy. But, it can be just as effective when an online therapist follows the same professional standards and techniques used by in-office therapists. One can be quite confident that they will receive the same quality of care.

People have a major problem: they can’t seem to squeeze in a therapy session into their busy lives. Since the therapy is done online, it’s super easy to find the time to do it. Everyone has a little free time during the day or evening that they can open up and talk about what’s going on in their lives.

Mobile apps make therapy sessions on the go possible

Everyone these days carry with them a computer in the form of a smartphone. It can be used to access online therapy or even for therapy apps. Mobile apps make it easy to track the progress of your treatment, and you can also schedule your therapy sessions in advance. If a person feels like they haven’t got enough time in their day to get to therapy, they can always do it on the go from their phone during a lunch break or another lull in their busy lives.

Online therapy is a positive development in the treatment of mental health issues

It’s no secret that the most effective treatment for a mental health condition is psychotherapy. The convenience and affordability of online therapy mean that more people will get the treatment they need. The stigma surrounding mental health is slowly fading, which will also help with the adoption of online therapy.


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