The four seasons reflect the stages of life each of us goes through. Summer is our prime of life—here, we are mature, strong, and successful. Our autumn is a period of decline, a slow fall to earth, much like the leaves of this season. And finally, winter is the end of all things.

Each season of our lives is a distinct period, and when we move on from one to the next, we often leave a piece of ourselves behind.

But spring is different. Spring is a time of new beginnings, of youth and vitality, of wonder and the thrill of mystery. It is a season we should carry with us for all time.

And so it is important to allow yourself to reconnect with your youth this spring by doing the things you once enjoyed as a child. There’s no shame in this—reconnecting with our pasts is a wonderful way to relax, heal, and regain perspective, so let’s take a look at 7 spring activities that will make you feel young again.

It’s time to have a little fun.
Have a Picnic

Great Spring Activities That Will Make You Feel Young

Heading out for a picnic in the grass can be an exciting, and even romantic, adventure!

Picnics are an event that many of us remember from our childhoods—going out to the park or backyard with mom and dad and setting up that picnic basket and pretty polka-dot cloth on the ground was a special treat.

To do this, you’re going to need to think light and delicious—you want to bring food items that don’t weigh a lot, but that pack in the flavor.

And keep it simple! This needs to be a fun and stress-free adventure, not an overly planned-out adult outing. One great way to do this is by simply bringing all of the ingredients to make your favorite sandwiches—a variety of breads, sandwich meats, dressings, and spices will go a long way toward making your picnic a lovely time.

And don’t forget to bring that special someone with you, if you have one! A picnic can be just the infusion of youthful joy you need for a great, casual date.

Don’t miss out on one of the joys of spring—pack your basket and head outside before spring has passed.
Fly a Kite

Did you ever rush out to the nearest hill as a child, kite clutched firmly in hand? Do you remember the thrill of seeing it take to the air for the first time, of feeling the pull of the wind, of feeling connected to the sky, itself?

It’s time to recapture that.

Head over to your nearest department store and buy the first kite that captures your imagination. Don’t overthink it. Just get it.

Now, head to a nearby park. Make sure it’s at least a little windy—most kites work best in winds between 5 and 25 mph.

Take your kite to an open area, clear of any trees, power lines, or anything else that might snag your kite’s string.

Now for the fun part! Stand with your back to the wind, hold the kite up by the bottom, and let go. When the wind takes it, pull on your line to make the kite go straight up. Keep letting out line until your kite goes high enough that more powerful winds are able to hold it aloft.

Now, enjoy! You’re connected not only to the big open sky, but to your youth, as well. Allow your worries to slip away as you give yourself permission to wonder at what you’re doing.

That’s it. You’re a kid again.
Go Barefoot

Great Spring Activities That Will Make You Feel Young

Do you remember the feel of grass on a calm spring afternoon, the way it felt surprisingly cool, springy, and tickled a little? That feeling was synonymous with lazy days, outdoor adventures, and the irrepressible wonder of youth.

It’s time to get that back.

If you’re an adult, you probably haven’t gone barefoot, outside of a building, in a long time. As adults, we’re so focused on practicality that we often forget about the simple pleasures that impractical things can hold.

So now you’re going to take those shoes off, head outside, and remind yourself how nice going barefoot can be.

Start small—walk through a patch of grass. And if you’re really feeling adventurous, don’t stop there! Experience other textures by walking across asphalt or—gasp—through a puddle.

The influx of new sensations will soon remind you of older days when you didn’t worry about the practicality of keeping your feet clean and overprotected, of days when you just wanted to feel the grass and earth beneath your feet for the simple joy of it.

This spring, look to the ground for one of life’s simple pleasures. Leave your shoes at the door and go for a walk that will recapture your youth.
Play an Outdoor Game

Great Spring Activities That Will Make You Feel Young

What better way to recapture your youth this spring than with a friendly outdoor game?

There are hundreds of games to choose from—just gather a group of friends and go for it! Once you can get past the embarrassment of your adulthood—feelings based more in societal constructs than in anything real—a whole world of fun will open up to you in the form of classic games like hide-and-seek, capture the flag, baseball, basketball, and everyone’s favorite: dodgeball.

If you’re at least a little physically fit, there’s no limit to what you can do.

And although it may be obvious, the benefits of playing these fun games goes beyond recapturing that youthful glint when you nail someone in dodgeball—you’ll be getting in some great exercise, as well!

Don’t be afraid to be childlike. Return to the spring of your life through a few rounds of classic outdoor games, and you may just start feeling a little of that youthful joy.
Ride a Bike

Great Spring Activities That Will Make You Feel Young

There’s not much that’s more peaceful than riding a bike when you’re a kid, and breaking out the old Huffy this spring is sure to bring you back to those good old days.

Bikes are freedom—every kid knows this. And for adults, the same is true. Imagine not having to deal with traffic. Imagine being able to feel and smell the sweet air as it blows past you. Imagine just heading out in the early morning and heading nowhere in particular—just exploring your neighborhood.

This is why bikes are such beautiful machines. And what’s more, you can bring a few friends along, or even better, that special someone. A bike date is a happy date.

Don’t let the weight of adulthood slow you down this spring. When the weather feels nice and time allows, hop on a bike and go for a meandering ride to a new place—engage your sense of wonder as you ride out into the countryside, enjoying the sights.
Go to a Theme Park

Great Spring Activities That Will Make You Feel Young

When you were young, what was more exciting than going to a theme park?

Absolutely nothing—that’s what.

You can recapture that feeling by heading back to the ticket booth and going somewhere like Bush Gardens, Water Country, Six Flags, or Disney World—odds are, even if you don’t live near one of the big attractions, you’ll at least have an annual county fair with a few fun—if terrifying—carnival rides.

Here’s the draw: when you enter a theme park, you step into another world. The food is delicious, the employees are often costumed, and atmosphere is one of fun and discovery.

And that’s not even counting the thrill of the rides. If you’re feeling older than your years, nothing will shake you up like a loop-filled roller coaster.

Head back to those simple childhood days by going to a place that actually encourages you to act like a kid.

Come on—you know you want to.
Go for a Swim

Great Spring Activities That Will Make You Feel Young

Finally, we have the last of the best childhood activities—swimming.

Perhaps your family owned a pool. Or maybe you went to the one at the gym. Or, if you were really lucky, you lived near the ocean or a river, and got to dive into more natural waters. Whatever the case, you probably have some pretty good memories associated with swim time.

The good thing? You never have to worry about getting out when the lifeguard yells “Adult swim” again!

Once you’re in, you can splash, play with pool noodles, and snorkel to your heart’s content. Take a moment to really wonder at the way you can move in the water—it’s such a unique and wonderful experience. Try to see it as you did for the very first time.

Remember, too, that swimming is another great exercise, as well, so while you’re having fun and reconnecting with your youth, you’ll also burn a few calories.

Get out there this spring and head over to the nearest body of water as soon as the weather permits! You’ll find that the water is just as fun as you remember.
Don’t Hold Back

No matter our age, we can all carry our youth with us. That inner child will always be there—he or she might just need a little wake-up call every now and again.

But that’s what spring is for! No matter what season of life you’re in, keep a little spring in your step with these fun activities, and you’ll be forever young.


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