Prolonged sun exposure is not good for your skin. This fact is equally applicable for a scalp that has undergone micropigmentation. This article will explain why. It will also give you aftercare strategies and tips on you to keep your scalp safe from sun exposure.


The Reason Why You Should Avoid Sun Exposure.

Apart from the fact that prolonged sun exposure is harmful to your skin, you should avoid sun exposure at all costs if you’ve undergone scalp micropigmentation because it will speed up the fading of the pigments. Ultraviolet rays affect your scalp tattoo the same way it affects leather fabrics and car paint, it causes fading. If you’re after maintaining your new hairline for a longer period of time. You should avoid prolonged sun exposure at all costs.

What will happen to your scalp if you don’t protect it from sun exposure?

If underwent scalp micropigmentation and you fail to protect your scalp from prolonged sun exposure, you will experience the following troubles:

1. Your scalp will fade faster.

Once it fades, unwanted discoloration can occur. When there is discoloration, your scalp micropigmentation will not look as natural and vibrant as before. You may begin attracting unwanted attention as people may notice the differing scalp colors in your hair.

2. You will need to spend more.

As it already faded, you will need to have it undergo a touch-up. Unnecessary touch-ups will significantly affect your budget over time. It usually takes 4 – 6 years for scalp micropigmentation treatment to fade. It is not financially sound if you’d be needing retouch and touch-ups earlier than the expected regular period.

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4 Things You Could Do to Avoid Sun Exposure

To ensure that your scalp is safe from early fading and discoloration, make it a point to do the following tips:

1. Use Sunscreen

The best way to protect your scalp from early fading and discoloration is by using sunscreen. When choosing a sunscreen, use one that has a sun protection factor or SPF. SPF 30-50 should be enough as it can effectively block 97-98% of ultraviolet rays. With sunscreen, you can be sure that your scalp is safe from the damaging and pigment-fading effects of the sun.


2. Wear Suitable Clothing

Wearing proper clothing can seem simple but it can really help keep your scalp looking vibrant. This is because proper thick clothing provides solid protection from the sun’s rays. A simple hat can do immense wonders. But don’t just choose any kind of hat, pick one that has a thick material. Hats with thin material can be easily penetrated by the sun’s rays.

3. Moisturize Your Scalp

Moisturizing your scalp can also do wonders. When your scalp is moisturized, it will feel and look healthy. When it is healthy, it won’t have dried-out patches. Dry skin can make scalp tattoos look uneven and blotchy. You would want this. So for your skin and scalp tattoo’s sake, always drink lots of water. Your aim should be to maintain your skin’s elasticity.

4. Use Water-based Skincare Products

Water-based skincare products are good because they will help in keeping your skin, your scalp most especially, moisturized. Look for ones with hyaluronic acid and aloe water as both can provide solid hydration that lasts for a long time. Be careful in choosing products. Before applying any new product to your scalp, make it a point to contact your SMP practitioner to check if it’s safe for you to use. Some products can do more harm than good so it’s best to always check with your SMP practitioner.

6 Scalp Micropigmentation Aftercare Tips

Apart from ensuring that your skin is always moisturized and that you get limited sun exposure, you should also do the following aftercare tips to keep your new hair tattoo looking vibrant and at its best:

  1. Within 7 days after your treatment, avoid any contact with chlorine or saltwater.
  2. For the first two weeks after your treatment, you should refrain from doing any activity that will cause excessive sweating.
  3. For the first two weeks after your treatment, you should avoid steam baths and saunas.
  4. Never use any product that contains alcohol on your scalp. Alcohol is bad because it can damage the pigments of your scalp tattoo. It can easily lead to fading or discoloration.
  5. Avoid skin irritation by using cooling scalp sprays.
  6. Prevent redness by using cooling scalp sprays.

Little Things Go A Long Way

If you went to a really good SMP practitioner, you can be sure that your scalp tattoo is going to stay vibrant for at least 4 – 6 years. To help in ensuring that it looks lush and healthy at all times, make it a point to apply our tips. Little changes in your habits can go a long way as they can effectively prevent you from having to do early touch-ups and retouch on your scalp tattoo.

When confused, just always remember that the goal is to keep your scalp hydrated and safe from the sun’s harmful rays. Any activity that can help you in achieving such will be greatly beneficial. Choose to always be wise and do due research.


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