Make Fertilizer. There are many options to prepare an organic fertilizer, an essential ingredient to fertilize, nurture and care for plants both indoors and outdoors, but sometimes, the routine and the ease of buying in a supermarket leads us to fall in the purchase of fertilizers chemicals that can end up damaging your garden. If you want your plants to be healthy and well-nourished, it is best to keep them away from the chemical compounds that can end up damaging and diminishing your crop.

How to Make Fertilizer

We bet on the ecological options and the natural remedies, for that reason, in the following article we discovered how to make homemade fertilizer. Discover a natural remedy that will satisfy and feed your plants correctly, so that they grow healthy and strong.

Home fertilizer with manure

If you like the world of gardening or cultivation you will know for sure that manure is one of the best natural fertilizers that exist. You can find manure ready to use but if you have animals such as chickens, rabbits or goats or pets can use their droppings to enrich the soil of your plants, thanks to its high content of nitrogen.

Homemade fertilizer with flour

One of the most effective homemade fertilizers is the one that we can prepare with flour. To obtain this organic fertilizer you will need seed flour, common agricultural lime, and dolomitic lime. All these ingredients can be obtained in specialized gardening stores or stores.


  • Mix all the ingredients together to get the homemade fertilizer: 4 parts of flour, 1/2 of agricultural lime, and 1/2 of dolomitic lime.
  • To achieve a greater effect of the organic fertilizer you can add 1 part of bone meal or a part of seaweed meal.

Use this fertilizer once a year after sowing. You must place the fertilizer and work the soil so that the product acts properly. Then, moisten the soil by watering. You will see how this organic fertilizer works well.

Make Home fertilizer with coffee

Do you like coffee? Well, from now on, in addition to enjoying its delicious flavor, you can take advantage of its grounds to fertilize your plants. Coffee is a good natural fertilizer that will help you oxygenate the soil of your garden thanks to the amount of nitrogen it contains.

To prepare the coffee fertilizer you just have to keep the waste and place it in a plastic bag. The important thing is that the coffee is dry before adding it to the compost of the earth since the humidity could rot it. Remove the soil before pouring it so that it is well-mixed. This organic coffee-based compost will help you keep your garden beautiful and healthy. Did you sign up?

Homemade fertilizer with shells

All that organic products can help us prepare a good homemade fertilizer. The eggshells, for example, are an element of great help for the care of our garden, as well as being an excellent fertilizer that can help repel pests.


  • Shred egg shells
  • Make holes or holes in the base of the plants and place the crushed peels inside
  • Another option: dry them and turn them into powder, then spread them on the base of the plant

Ready! Thanks to its composition rich in minerals (containing 93% of calcium), egg shells will help prepare the soil for the proper growth of your plants.

Another excellent idea is to use the skins of the bananas, since its high content of potassium – a nutrient also required for the good growth of the plants – will help you enrich the soil in a natural way. Bury the skins under the compost of sand and thus you will obtain a perfect organic fertilizer for your plants, that little by little will bloom much more.

Home fertilizer with grass

Reusing the grass in our garden to get a good organic fertilizer is a very good option. The grass is very rich in nitrogen, so, over time, it ends up becoming a good natural fertilizer. To prepare the grass-based fertilizer you will need to do some cutting of the grass or even those weeds that bother you so much in your garden. All are worthwhile because they absorb nutrients from the earth that will later be used to feed our plants.


  • Place the grass or grass clippings in a bucket.
  • Then add water and let them report for about two days.
  • After the required time, strain the water from the bucket and make a tea of ​​grass with this mixture (a cup of liquid grass with 10 cups of water).

Ready! Applying herb tea on the base of your plants will keep them healthy and away from the chemicals that can damage them. Test it!

How to make natural fertilizer

That the earth is fertile in the garden or orchard is essential to be able to cultivate and that the plants grow much faster and healthy since they will receive better nutrients. Thus, the more organic the fertilizer is and the fewer chemical components it has, the better it will be to fertilize the land that we want to grow.

Therefore, we teach you how to make excellent natural fertilizer by recycling some organic waste that we discard at home such as leaves, fruit, vegetables, coffee, eggshells, or manure. Next, we propose this homemade and economical method to elaborate your organic fertilizer.

Gather the organic waste from your garbage. Remember that to make natural fertilizer, in addition to waste (husks, fruits, vegetables …) we can also use garden waste as herbs, plants, or leaves. It is recommended that you do not incorporate the remains of animals, such as oils, dairy products, diseased plants, or chemical substances such as pesticides or herbicides.

Choose a place in the garden and make a hole in the ground. This well should be about 50 cm deep and in diameter. Another very frequent method is to use some containers without a lid with holes in the surface.

Introduce the organic materials in the well and cover them with the earth. Every day you can incorporate a bit of land.

Cover the top of the hole with fabrics, sheets, or a metal mesh. In this way, you will prevent the rainwater from flowing in and getting wet.

Aerate the waste pile once a week. You can use a rake and move the waste from the outside to the inside. With this method, you will prevent debris from comparing.

Check that the materials are decomposing properly. Keep in mind that the fertilizer needs the correct amount of moisture. To check that it is decomposing well, observe that the pile looks like a wet sponge.

If you start to prepare the natural fertilizer in summer, it will only take two or three months to have it ready. If you make it in winter you will have your subscription in five months. You will know that the fertilizer is ready when you no longer distinguish the original waste. The fertilizer will have a dark brown color and should smell like wet earth.

After this time, you can incorporate natural fertilizer into your plants, which will grow healthier and stronger.

Follow these simple steps and learn how to make natural fertilizer from home and easily.


  • Avoid excess moisture. This can cause the pile of fertilizer to smell bad. If the humidity is scarce, the waste will heat up and will not decompose properly. In this case, it is advisable to irrigate the fertilizer if it is very hot or the climate is dry. Avoid puddling, just moisten a little.
  • The natural fertilizer should smell the earth. Otherwise, air it more frequently and incorporate more organic waste, such as dried leaves.


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