Home Remedies Against Dark Armpits. It can be embarrassing to wear sleeveless t-shirts, tank tops, or bustiers when the armpits are not well cared for and their appearance is poor. This problem is accentuated when, in addition, the armpits are darker because of the appearance of tasks that change the natural tone of the skin of this zone.

Home Remedies Against Dark Armpits

The underarm darkening can be due to several factors but thanks to some simple tricks and natural treatments, it is possible to reduce it and to have more beautiful underarms. Do not miss the best home remedies against dark underarms.


An excellent home remedy for removing dark underarm stains and at the same time recovering the softness of the skin in this area is to prepare an exfoliating lotion made from oats, lemon, and honey. If you want to finish with the problem of dark armpits and have armpits prettier, do not hesitate to try it.

Mix a spoonful of powdered oatmeal with a spoonful of honey and 1/4 cup of lemon juice, beat to form a smooth paste, and once ready, apply it on the armpits and leave on for 15 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Lemon and baking

Here is the most popular natural remedy for lightening armpit skin. It combines the laundering and cleansing properties of lemon and baking soda, which is ideal for removing the superficial layer of dead skin and also reducing excessive sweat and odors.

Prepare the mixture with the juice of a lemon and a spoonful of baking soda, and apply it on the armpits without pressing too much to prevent the skin from being irritated. It is important not to do this treatment just after shaving, or to expose the area to the sun after applying the remedy, as other spots may appear.

Yogurt and glycerin

The lactic acid yogurt helps clean the skin deeply and eliminate the remnants of dead skin, making it an ideal ingredient for recovering the natural tone of the armpits. To enhance its effects against dark armpits, you can make a cream by mixing two spoonfuls of plain yogurt, two tablespoons of liquid glycerin, and the juice of a medium lemon. Apply this lotion just after the shower, leave on for 20 minutes then rinse with warm water.


Often, underarm darkening is due to the accumulation of dead cells that need to be removed regularly in order to have beautiful, smooth armpits. For this, we will use to exfoliate the area once a week one of the best natural ingredients that are: sugar.

Make a homemade lightening scrub with three spoonfuls of white sugar, two spoonfuls of baking soda, and the juice of a medium orange. Apply it to the skin and let it work for 15 minutes.


The potato also has whitening properties and is effective in helping to lighten the skin in a natural way by protecting its health every moment. If you want to use it as a home remedy for dark armpits, you must grate half a potato and rub your armpits in the evening just before going to bed. The next morning, clean the area well.

Look after your armpits

The armpits are delicate and if you want to keep them always healthy and beautiful, it is essential that you BRING their care that will avoid the appearance of dark spots like dry skin.

How to have perfect armpits

The armpits are a part of the body that tends to accumulate a lot of impurities and bacteria and even if you integrate it into your care protocol, it is essential to spend more time if you want to keep it hydrated, without stain no bad smell. Do not stop raising your arms and move safely to have perfect armpits.

Sweat is more important under the armpits than in other parts of the body and to avoid the accumulation of bacteria that generate bad odors, it is essential to have good daily hygiene in this area. So you should wash them every day with an antiseptic soap and a soft sponge. Remember to dry your armpits well to prevent the humidity that can promote the development of fungal infections or bacteria.

An indispensable step for perfect armpits and much softer is exfoliation once a week. It will allow you to clean the skin thoroughly, eliminate dead cells and avoid at the same time that armpit hair encysts. You can apply a commercial exfoliating cream or use a homemade sugar and lemon-based exfoliant that will also brighten the dark spots that usually appear under the armpits.

Remember to apply a good moisturizer for the body after exfoliation, because the skin will be a little more sensitive than in other areas of the body, and it must be hydrated.

Deodorants with alcohol are not suitable for armpits because they promote the appearance of spots on the skin. It is best to choose moisturizing and non-aggressive deodorants that avoid irritation and redness. The deodorants in cream or roll-on format are perfect to keep pretty armpits because they dry up the skin less than the spray.

Hair removal is one of the great enemies of underarm skin, as some methods like shaving can cause irritation, spots, dark marks, and ingrown hairs. That’s why the best options for shaving your armpits and reducing hair regrowth are wax and an electric epilator.

Other tips allow you to have perfect armpits, like some homemade recipes that will help you enhance the beauty of this area:

  • Mix the juice of a lemon and a spoon of baking soda and you will get a remarkable natural treatment for lightening dark underarms.
  • Prepare a honey and lemon mask, and apply it under your armpits to moisturize this area in a natural way.


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