The coronavirus and global and national lockdowns saw the world grind to a standstill, impacting how we work and live. For many, we were unable to visit those who lived outside of our households which posed problematic for people who did not live with their loved ones or who were single and unable to go out on dates and try to find a love connection. Being unable to socialise took its toll on many a person’s mental health as we adapted to a new way of living.
Let’s take a closer look at how lockdown has affected our love lives and how it continues to change the way we date and make love connections.

1. Love Knows No Bounds

We are all familiar with the phrase ‘love knows no bounds,’ but with regards to lockdown and relationships, this phrase refers to our ability to find love in unusual ways due to the restrictions put in place to counter the pandemic. While the younger generation are already familiar with online dating apps such as Tinder and Hinge, there was a surge in people finding love on other online platforms such as social media (Twitter, Twitch, Instagram, etc.) as people became more dependent on forging connections online due to the inability to meet up in person. Social media platforms have seen people enter into relationships throughout lockdown with larger distances (some distances spanning over oceans and countries) as people realised that they would not have to be so dependent on dating someone who lives closer to them.

2. A Rise in Online Dating

Dating apps, although popular before the pandemic and multiple lockdowns, became much more used and relied on during the times when people could not go out and socialise or meet people in person. However, sticking to a connection made on a dating app has become much more difficult as people were unable to go on real-life dates or meet up for a long time, making it more common for people to grow tired of trying to communicate on smartphones and apps.
While finding someone on a dating app became easier due to the number of people signing up for their services, forging a long-term relationship has become much more difficult. However, you could flip this on its head and suggest that people were forced to make more meaningful connections as they were unable to simply “swipe”, “connect” and then “hook up”.

3. Turning to Adult Websites

Being unable to meet up with people in real life, whether it be to see your partner or make a new connection, has meant that people have had to turn to adult websites for stimulus. While people in relationships can still turn to this type of material (and there is nothing wrong with this), there is a greater dependency on it due to the inability to see others. Therefore, people have turned to adult chat websites such as this site that can offer sex cam live material for sexual entertainment. Websites such as Babestation Cams have also offered advice on how they can help your relationship survive lockdown. This is a common way for those who may not be fortunate enough to live with their partner when lockdown commenced.

4. Making Plans for the Future

If this pandemic has taught us anything, it is that we cannot take our loved ones and romantic connections for granted. Because of this, those in relationships are more inclined to make plans for the future such as moving in, getting engaged, or even heading off on a romantic adventure in a foreign country.
If you are looking for ways to surprise your loved one after such a difficult time in everyone’s life, why not book tickets for next year when international travel is more likely to be back to normal? Here are some of the best places to visit with your loved one in 2022. Before booking any tickets, make sure to read their safety measures and restrictions. You may also want to invest in travel insurance just in case there is another lockdown that causes you and your loved one to be unable to travel.

5. Not Taking Romance for Granted

For many of us, we have learnt not to take romance for granted. This means the population is more likely to find a partner that they connect with because of the hardships we have all been through, whether it be living alone through multiple lockdowns, losing a loved one, or struggling to cope with our jobs during such a tumultuous year and a bit.
COVID-19 is far from over. We still need to be cautious and adapt our way of living so that we follow the rules and regulations that the government has put in place. However, there is a silver lining with the vaccines being administered and lockdowns finally being relaxed. Remember that you still need to be mindful of others, though.


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