This debt is represented by a certain amount of energy that you owe to the Universe. 

Because this is a law of the nature, we can’t bypass or override it. No matter what, all debts must be paid off. Unfortunately, we can’t predict what form the energy will take.

To pay with money would be the simplest and most rational way. So if you give too much, the energy you gave will return to you. Those who give have a slight advantage over the ones who take. They will still have to pay, but we can’t be sure when and where or in what way it will happen.

The most important rules that come out of the law of energy balance are:

  •  Don’t steal energy of any kind and form
  •  Everything you’ve been given has to be paid for
  • Don’t do ‘good’ to anybody (favors no one asked from you)
  • Don’t lend or borrow anything
  • Your actions should be balanced in energy

Following these principles should not be something compulsory.

One can violate these principles on purpose, but they must be prepared that the Universe will collect the debt from them.

If you lose something the reason for it might be that you previously haven’t paid for what you had gotten.

Breaking the rules in the past can also cause illness. For example, you might be paying for an injury you have afflicted to another person.

If you lost some property or assets of any kind, it might be because you had stolen something before.

So, be careful with your energy. Try to keep the balance with everything you do. Giving or taking too much is never a good thing. It creates more problems than it does good.

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