Perhaps it is difficult to find a more devoted and loving animal with all his heart than a dog. This animal has been a constant companion of human life for many centuries. Dogs are affectionate, kind, intelligent animals that readily lend themselves to training, and at the same time are fearless defenders for their master. Therefore, no matter how good-natured your fluffy pet is, it is worth remembering that for others, it can be dangerous, especially for large breeds of dogs. In this regard, there is a mandatory set of accessories that the owner of the dog must purchase – a collar or harness, a leash and a muzzle. Considering the fact that the collar hinders the pet’s freedom, but he will have to spend quite a lot of time in this accessory, the choice of this item should be approached thoroughly. In addition, it is very important to correctly start accustoming the puppy to the collar, it is best to do this gradually at home, and not immediately put it on the street, because then the baby can pull it off at the first opportunity. Buy accessories for dogs online only in trusted places for a good price.
Dog collars differ in both appearance and function. So they are usually made of durable, durable materials: genuine leather, nylon, metal, tarpaulin. At the same time, dog supplies can have various decorative elements and, necessarily, accessories in the form of metal buckles, rings, adapters, carbines, which must be made of strong and reliable alloys. By design, collars are divided into several groups:

    • everyday – intended for daily walks with the dog;
    • special-purpose accessories that are used only during training or for correcting the behavior of an adult animal;
    • exhibition – the main feature of such customized models is that they should not attract special attention to themselves in order to show the dog in the competition as beautifully and naturally as possible;
    • decorative – this type of collar is used as decoration and does not perform any additional functions.

If you have definitely decided to buy dog collars online, when choosing, you need to choose the right size and purchase only high-quality products from trusted manufacturers that will definitely be safe for your pet. For puppies, Waudog has lightweight, padded collars that are adjustable in size. We recommend buying a personalized harness for a puppy with his name at the age of 6-9 months, because until this time the animal’s skeleton is formed and muscles are strengthened, so an accessory put on at the wrong time can harm its health. The size of the collar should be 5-6 cm longer than the girth of the animal’s neck, it is impossible for the accessory to squeeze the neck strongly, because this can disrupt blood circulation, and the dog can easily take off a very large product.

happy dog

Make your pet happy – buy dog supplies at Waudog

Waudog is a place where all employees love animals and are pet owners, so in our assortment you will find only high-quality products that we recommend from personal experience. When selecting new products for the catalog, we necessarily consult with veterinarians in order to offer our customers the best products. Employees of the purchasing department constantly attend international exhibitions and seminars, therefore, the Waudog assortment always includes up-to-date products.
On the site, you can customize any product by adding the names of animals, contact information of the owners and the current address of residence. There is also a huge palette of colors and a dimensional grid for greater convenience. It has become even easier to buy dog harness online, because consultants will help you with the selection and will offer only the best models.


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