If life has taught us anything it’s that when we get lemons we must make lemonade. 24 year old Paige Lauren Billiot grew up with what’s called a port-wine stain birthmark on the left side of her face. She was bullied by other kids and had to learn to find peace with her circumstance – to “see the beauty through darkness” as she poetically puts it. Today she lives in Los Angeles as a model and actress, using her birthmark as inspiration for striking pictures and beautiful works of art, which she’s exhibited on her instagram page, as part of her Flawless Affect campaign.

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Woman Transforms BirthmarkPaige Billiot advocates “your flaws are what make you flawless.” She has started a campaign called the Flawless Affect, aimed at redefining society’s beauty standards. It’s about the power of perception and how we choose to see ourselves. Self-acceptance is key, and once you begin to feel flawless, you begin to feel powerful. Watch her apply a stunning look, highlighting and transforming her birthmark.

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She’s driven to redefine society’s standards of beauty…Woman Transforms Birthmark… by highlighting her own differences.

It’s all part of her ‘Flawless Affect’ campaign, which aims to challenge conventional beauty standards, and advocates that “your flaws are what make you flawless.” It’s great to see people courageously taking to the internet to share themselves openly and honestly, and in so doing, giving others permission to do the same.

You should always Love Yourself

Woman Transforms Birthmark

“Enhance what makes you different because different is not wrong”.


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