Question: How to ask a girl out in a cute way?

There are so many different cute ways to ask a girl out. Sure, you might not be the luckiest guy when it comes to love. However, that doesn’t mean that you should keep yourself from playing the game.

It’s all a matter of you trying to be more inventive and creative in the way that you interact with women. If you’re having trouble thinking of ways to ask a girl out on a date, then keep reading. Highlighted here will be a few things that you can try out for yourself to increase your chances of scoring a date.
Thirty-five romantic and cute ways to ask a girl out:

1. Text Her
Be basic. Just be straight up about it and text her. Everyone communicates through text these days. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. Yes, it can get terrifying. But that’s just the risk you have to run when you’re asking a girl out. It’s always a risky endeavor.

2. Call Her

If you feel like you would be able to express yourself better if you call her, then do so. Just make sure that you aren’t disrupting anything important that she might be doing. Perhaps, you could text her beforehand to ask her if she’s free to talk. If she gives you the signal, then pounce.

3. Ask Her Out on Her Birthday

Naturally, there is a good chance that she’s going to have plans for her birthday already. However, if she doesn’t, then you’ve got a perfect shot at making her feel special. If you do manage to score this date, make sure that you have gifts and surprises ready.

4. Capitalize on Music

If you know that she’s musically inclined, then make sure that you capitalize on that fact. She’s likely going to have a Spotify account. So, try making her a new mixtape on Spotify and send it to her. Let her know your feelings through music. Then, proceed to ask her out.

5. Buy Her a Good Old-Fashioned Teddy Bear

A teddy bear is a classic gift for romantic purposes. However, despite its cliché reputation, it still really does work. And at least she’s going to have something in her possession that is always going to remind her of you.

6. Write Her a Poem

If you are gifted in the field of writing and poetry, then you can show off her. A lot of girls are suckers for great poetry. So, before you ask her out, weaken her knees with a well-written poem that you’ve written just specially for her.

7. Do It with Flowers

Flowers are always great. They’re pretty to look at, and they smell great. Before asking her out, weaken her defenses by giving her a beautiful bouquet. You will up your chances if you know what kind of flowers you should be getting her.

8. Sing Her a Song

If you happened to have been gifted with a decent singing voice, then you can use that to your advantage as well. Offer to sing her a song and then ask her out. If you are as good a singer as you think you are, then she’s undoubtedly going to say yes.

9. Bake Her a Cake

Or pie. Or whatever she might be interested in. Try to find out what her favorite dessert is and make it for her. Girls are suckers for sweets. Then, once you’ve made your gesture of romance and sweetness, ask her out. It’ll be hard for her to say no after everything you’ve done for her.

10. Make It a Surprise

Try surprising her out of nowhere with an unexpected gesture. Perhaps, you can leave a surprise note on her desk. Maybe you can show up at her doorstep with gifts unexpectedly. These surprises will catch her off guard and will lower her defenses.



11. Write on a Balloon

Balloons are cute, aren’t they? But do you know what would make balloons even cuter? It’s if you have something written on it. Ask her out by writing it down on a balloon and giving it to her. You could also opt to fill the balloon with notes of “Will you go out with me?” and ask her to pop it.

12. Write a Good Old Love Letter

If you feel like you’re a modern-day Shakespeare, then go ahead and ask her out by writing her a love letter. Allow the power of your words to compel her to give you a chance

13. Involve a Dog

Girls love dogs. You should probably know that by now. So, if you have a pet dog at home, then use your little buddy to your advantage. Bring your dog with you and have your buddy deliver her a letter asking her out.

14. Propose to Do Something She Likes

One of the best ways to get her to say yes to going out with you would be to ask her to do something that she enjoys doing. For example, if she likes to do yoga, then offer to go to a

15. Do a Lottery Ticket Trick

This is a classic trick that not too many girls are familiar with yet. So, you better try to capitalize on it while you can. Buy her a lottery ticket. Then, when you give it to her, tell her that she has to treat you out to dinner if she wins. And if she loses, tell her that you have to take her out to dinner to console her. Either way, you get a date out of it.

16. Put Some Thought into Your Proposal

Whatever you choose to do, always make sure that you put a lot of thought into it. If she sees that you put effort into the way that you ask her, she’s going to be greatly appreciative of that.

17. Coffee on the Gocute ways to ask a girl out

You can also just bring her a cup of coffee. Instead of bringing her to a café, bring a cup of coffee to her and talk. Boom. That’s an instant date right there.

18. Think of Something Funny

Humor is always going to be a great ally for you in whatever situation. So, when you’re thinking about how to ask her out, try to inject some humor into it.

19. Make a DIY Art Piece

Art is always going to be a good idea. Try making something with your hands and presenting it to her. A painting or a collage would be great. Even a simple scrapbook might work!

20. Give Her a Book

If you know that she’s a fan of literature and she’s a reader, then give her a book. Make sure it’s a book she hasn’t read before. Then, tell her that you want to be able to grab coffee with her sometime to discuss the book.

21. Wear a Statement Shirt

Nothing says a statement quite like the clothes that you have on. Make that statement with a shirt. Have “Will you go out with me?” printed on one of your shirts and wear it in front of her. She’s bound to love it.

22. Plan Something with Her Friends

You have to realize that her friends know her best. So, it’s best if you try to win over their affection as well. Also, try to ask for their help in determining how you could ask her out. Maybe, they can help you with the whole planning and preparation process.

23. Make a Public Proposal

There are certain girls out there who are big fans of huge grand public gestures. So, if she’s that kind of girl, then plan accordingly. However, if she isn’t a fan of being put on the spot, then you might want to reconsider and resort to another tactic instead.

24. Reimagine a Scene from a Movie or TV Show

Try to find out about a romantic scene from a movie or TV show that she likes and try to

25. Make Use of Old Pickup Lines

There are all sorts of cheesy pickup lines out there that you can use. Just do a simple Google search and see which one you think she would like the most. If it fails, then try another. Persistence is key here.

26. Buy Tickets to a Movie or Concert She Likes

If you know that her favorite band is coming to town, then go ahead and book those tickets for the two of you. It’s going to be incredibly hard for her to say no to date like that. It also works for movies she might be excited about seeing.

27. Propose a Group Date

Sometimes, one of the best ways to ask a girl out would be to organize a group date. Some girls just aren’t comfortable with getting to know guys in an immediately intimate setting. So, this is why a group date scenario works so well. There are less tension and pressure between the two of you.

28. Have Her Do You a Favor

Ask her for a favor. Maybe, you can ask her to help you with something you need to get done at work. If you’re still in school, as for her help with homework. Then, after she helps you, tell her that you want to make it up to her by taking her out.

29. Be Charitable!

Ask her out to do some kind of charitable endeavor. Offer to help at soup kitchens or to tutor underprivileged kids on the weekend. This is going to show off the perfect side of you. Also, you end up making the world a better place as well.

30. Cook Something for Her

The way to her heart is through your stomach. When you ask her out, tell her that you’ll be cooking for her. Maybe if you’re too shy to ask her out, let her know that you’re planning on cooking something for the first time. Then, ask her to be your guinea pig and try it out.

31. Arrange for a Custom Fortune Cookie

This might require some work on your part, but it’s going to pay off for you if she’s the cheesy type of girl who likes these kinds of efforts. Arrange for a custom fortune cookie to be made. Hand it out to a group of people. But make sure that the one she receives says, “Will you go out with me?” on it.

32. Put Her on a Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are always going to be a lot of fun. However, it’s going to require a lot of effort on your part. You can have the hunt culminate in the place where the two of you will have your date. She would have no other choice but to comply because of how fun it is.

33. Make Use of Snapchat

It’s the digital age. Don’t be afraid of making use of digital platforms like Snapchat. Consider this to be the digital version of just asking her out in public. Instead, you’re just doing it in the digital world for all of your social media followers to see.

34. Chocolates, duh!

Chocolates have always been a go-to for guys in times immemorial. Guys give it to girls to say sorry. Men give it to women to say they love them. You could also give it to your girl to let her know that you want to ask her out.

35. Just Ask Her

The essential thing that you could ever do is just walk up to her and ask her to go out with you. This is a technique that has worked for so many guys throughout human history. It should also work for you as well.

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