Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is becoming mainstream. People now see how Western medicine is all about dealing with worst-case scenarios while TCM is all about maintaining a healthy lifestyle that effectively prevents worst-case health scenarios. In a typical Western medicine setup, patients only visit their doctor when something needs to be dealt with already. With TCM, it’s all about easy maintenance and balance. If you’re ready to level up your wellness and you’re keen to know more about TCM, this article is perfect for you. Read on and learn why consulting with a TCM doctor is the next best thing for you to do.

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What ailments can Traditional Chinese Medicine cure?

TCM applies a holistic approach in healing a number of symptoms. It can treat IBS, infertility, arthritis, stress, pain, colitis, neuropathy, insomnia, and depression. It can also cure acute and chronic health problems.

What does it take to be a TCM doctor?

A TCM doctor needs to at least have a four-year bachelor’s degree in a related field. He or she will then have to register with the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia. The Chine Medicine Board of Australia only approves three major private colleges and three public universities that offer undergraduate and postgraduate courses on Traditional Chinese Medicine.

What does a TCM doctor do?

If one is a TCM doctor, he or she has expert knowledge in acupuncture. He or she may also have mastered herbology. Chinese herbology study is a separate field of expertise because it involves the studies of over 6,000 species used for Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Who are common patients of TCM clinics? Do they look to TCM because Western medicine failed them?

Men and women of all ages rely on Traditional Chinese Medicine. Top TCM clinics like Baolin Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Centre have infant patients and ones that are already over 90 years old. There are varied reasons why people prefer TCM and they are mainly as follows:

  • To avoid Western medicine with heavy side effects. TCM uses all-natural Chinese herbs to treat patients.
  • To look for alternatives when Western medicine fails. This is often the case with women with fertility issues. TCM is popular for being 99% effective in helping women get pregnant and successfully aiding women who are undergoing InVitro fertilization. Acupuncture greatly helps in increasing the overall health of a woman’s body that in turn results in women producing healthy eggs.
  • To opt for a holistic manner of wellness.

TCM is perfect for what kind of person?

TCM is perfect for people that want to achieve wellness with the use of all-natural herbs. Mayo Clinic even has a resident herbalist who prescribes medicines to patients. Hospitals in Australia and China also fully integrate with TCM methods of healing and treatment therapies.

How is the TCM industry doing?

TCM is set to become more popular and mainstream. Millennials are big on research and they’re becoming more and more aware of the many benefits of all-natural healing methods. Data showed that 68% of millennials take some form of supplement. This is a big increase compared to only a rate of 50% back in 2009. More growth is expected in the coming years as people can now easily research everything online.

What is the future for TCM?

TCM has a very promising future ahead as more and more countries now have hospitals the fully integrate TCM methods in their treatment therapies. Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Michael Phelps have been big on promoting how TCM has benefitted their lives and many are following suit. More and more people are now looking for alternative healing options and TCM is always no. 1 on the list because it is all-natural and holistic. This is not surprising because more people are now aware of options. With pharmaceutical medicines causing thousands of deaths every year, people are now keen to using all-natural methods and herbs.

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Why do herbs play a major role in TCM?

Herbs play a major role in TCM because it allows for all-natural healing with no negative side effects. It is impossible to have side effects when one is simply using organic elements from nature. TCM herbs have no added chemicals. No intense processing is undergone. Not only does it treat, but it also effectively boosts one’s overall wellness. Simply put, herbs are just like green leafy vegetables but with boosted medicinal benefits.

Is TCM going mainstream?

Yes. It will be ever more popular as more people can now easily research healing alternatives online.

If a person is interested in checking out TCM, what should they do first?

If you’re interested in TCM, you could start by researching acupuncture and herbs. You should do intensive research on how they can be beneficial and compatible with your needs. It is very easy to research now as so many websites offer massive in-depth information on TCM. Once you are sure that you want to check out the benefits of TCM yourself, you could easily rely on online reviews and experts to point you to the nearest best TCM clinic. Most parenting websites do in-depth reviews of TCM clinics that moms vouch for. Once you’ve come up with a clinic of your choice, you should do another layer of research and find out reviews from past and current patients. You could also ask family and friends for recommendations. Make sure that the TCM clinic that you’d choose is registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency.


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