How to whiten the knees. The dermis, over time, can suffer alterations in its uniformity and color due to different causes and factors. On the one hand, the knees and elbows are the parts of the body that suffer the most because the skin of these areas is thicker and drier than the rest of our body.

However, if you wonder about the causes of dark elbows and brown knees, you should know that factors such as excessive sun exposure, the use of self-tanning creams, the use of inappropriate cosmetic products, or even various hormonal issues can also influence.

How to Whiten The Knees

If you are worried about the color that your knees have acquired and you want to restore the luminosity they possessed, we will explain how to whiten your knees easily with homemade tricks and effective remedies that will not take you long.

Rinse elbows and knees in a week

Like the knees, the elbows have thick and somewhat rougher skin than the rest of the body, which is why they can suffer from excessive and unwanted pigmentation quite easily.

Currently, there are various treatments to clarify elbows and knees, so if you want and your economy allows it, you can go to a specialized aesthetic center to find the treatment that best suits your problem.

However, you can also solve this excess pigmentation with less invasive and somewhat more natural methods like the ones we will show you. The skin usually regenerates, approximately, every four weeks, so by dedicating the appropriate daily time to these methods, you will get very effective results in a short time.

However, regardless of the method chosen, you should keep in mind that there are no magic formulas and that any treatment for elbow and knee laundering requires some constancy and patience. So forget about the miraculous products and bet on the homemade solutions that we propose below.

How to whiten your knees with home remedies

The deterioration in the coloration of the knees can be improved and treated with home remedies. Whitening the knees with home remedies is possible, so if you want to know how to do it, you should consider the following:

* Exfoliation: The first step, before starting any treatment, should be exfoliation. Exfoliate well the part to be treated with a special soap that contains particles that allow you to remove the dead areas of your knees. To make the result better, you can use vegetable sponges or mane gloves and perform circular movements. Remember that these movements must be vigorous but not too strong because that way you will avoid scratching or damaging your skin.

* Hydration: another essential step to take care of our dermis, regardless of color, is hydration after exfoliation. Hydrating your skin well will prevent the parts of the body with more tendency to darken to dry out and adopt a brown color.

However, in order to clarify those areas already affected, you will have to get down to work and provide some extra help. To do this you can apply the natural and 100% homemade methods that we will explain below.

How to whiten black knees with lemon

Lemon juice is known, among other things, for its incredible bleaching effect. To prepare this home remedy for elbows and dark knees, you must follow these steps:

1- Mix the juice of a lemon with a teaspoon of sugar.

2- Apply the mixture on your knees or elbows with the help of cotton and go circular movements.

3- Let the mixture act for 15 minutes before removing it with warm water.

4- Don’t forget to moisturize the area with your usual body cream once you’re done.

How to whiten your knees with yogurt and oatmeal

Yogurt is a food that, as you know, contains lactic acid, a perfect ingredient to promote skin exfoliation. This, together with the moisturizing and soothing action of oats, becomes an ideal home remedy to clear elbows and knees:

1- Mix a tablespoon of yogurt with one of oatmeal.

2- Mix both ingredients until they become a kind of pasta.

3- Apply it on the knees and leave for 5 minutes.

4- Rinse the area with water and proceed to hydrate your skin.

How to whiten your knees with cucumber, turmeric, and lemon

On the one hand, cucumber is a vegetable that provides antioxidants and vitamins perfect for hydration and protection of the skin, and lemon, as we have seen, is a great bleaching ingredient. But what about turmeric?

we reveal that turmeric is a food used in many beauty products due to its multiple properties for the skin. It is an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial ingredient that usually significantly reduces the volume of melanin in the skin. This is how you should develop this solution:

1- Prepare a cream or mask by mashing the cucumber next to a pinch of turmeric powder.

2- Add the juice of a lemon to the mixture.

3- Apply it to your knees or elbows and let it act for a minimum of 40 minutes.

4- When you remove it, rinse and moisturize as usual.

How to whiten your knees with baking soda

Baking soda is one of the most used ingredients for skin and teeth whitening. This is mainly due to the fact that being a product with a high content of antioxidant substances, it is a powerful bleach capable of attenuating dark spots on the skin. To remove dead cells from the knees and clear the area, you will only have to:

1- Mix two large tablespoons of baking soda with water.

2- When it has become a paste, apply it to your knees.

3- Make circular movements smoothly on your skin.

4- Remove with water and, after drying well, hydrate your knees.

How to whiten your knees with aloe vera

Did you know that lightening the skin with aloe vera is possible? While it is true that it is a more generic remedy than the previous ones, aloe vera is a perfect product to moisturize and protect the skin.

Its moisturizing and astringent properties make aloe vera an ideal product to prevent dryness and roughness of areas such as the knees, elbows, and even the armpits, which is why it can help you keep your skin pigmentation balanced.

1- To make use of this remedy, you will only have to apply pure aloe vera in the area of ​​your body that you want to bleach.

2- Let the product act for 30 minutes.

3- Rinse with plenty of water.

How to whiten your knees with olive oil

Olive oil, in addition to containing incredible antioxidant properties and being a natural moisturizer, helps reduce the impact of sun rays on the skin. That is why applying a moderate amount of olive oil on your knees and elbows before going outside in the summer, will prevent certain areas of your body from darkening.

1- Rub some olive oil in your hands until it reaches a warm temperature.

2- Then apply the product on your knees.

3- Let the oil stand for 10 minutes.

4- A few days later, you will see how your knees are much more hydrated, and, little by little, they become much brighter.

Whitening cream elbows and knees

In the market, there are various treatments to control excessive pigmentation of the knees. If you suffer from such hyperpigmentation or acanthosis nigricans (a condition of the dermis that causes a grayish or brownish color on the parts of the body where folds and wrinkles form), this type of cream or depigmenting lotions can help you.

In addition to the creams that can be purchased already prepared, you can also prepare a homemade natural depigmenting cream. We give you some options:

Depigmenting cream with turmeric

Add a little turmeric to your usual body moisturizer (it should not contain alcohol or any chemical component harmful to the skin). As we said before, turmeric is a great ingredient for skin whitening naturally, so follow the steps below to make the perfect cream:

1- Add a generous spoonful of this spice to 100 ml of your cream.

2- Mix the product well and add the mixture to your elbows and knees.

3- Perform gentle circular massages until the cream is fully absorbed.

Remember that turmeric is a natural dye, so keep your knees and elbows from coming in contact with white or light clothing that can easily get stained.

Milk and vitamin E depigmenting cream

Because of its high lemon content, we recommend that you use this cream only at night, as this will prevent the sun from darkening your skin more. These are the ingredients that you will need:

– 50 grams of whole milk powder.

– 15 grams of glycerin (a tablespoon of dessert).

– 2 tablespoons of lemon juice.

– 3 capsules or 5 grams of Vitamin E.

To make this depigmenting cream, follow the steps below:

1- Mix the milk and glycerin and stir the products well.

2- Add the lemon juice to the mixture.

3- Then add the liquid vitamin E.

4- Apply it on the elbows and knees with gentle but penetrating circular movements.


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