Is your man treating you with love and support, or treating you like scum? Does he strive to show you his love for you, or shows his distaste through a lack of communication? Let’s be real here, ladies, the guy you want in your life is going to treat you with respect.

There are too many relationships out there that are one-sided, where the woman is putting in more work than her boyfriend. Why are we allowing this? We should be demanding for our significant other to treat us with love because we deserve the best. There is no reason to date someone who is rude, ignores our feelings or makes us feel unwanted. There are awesome guys out there who are excited to treat you with kindness.

If you think you have found one of the good ones, keep hold of him! But before you begin to celebrate, make sure that he is treating you the five ways a man.
Proves His Love

Does your guy try and show you how much he loves you? This can be done in so many different ways and most of them are easy to accomplish. A guy who loves you will want to show you his feelings daily. He can treat you with the love you deserve by giving you compliments, remembering important dates, putting an effort to keep the spark alive, and offering you gifts “just because.” These don’t have to be extravagant or over-the-top gestures, but if he puts in an effort to show you he cares you know you have a keeper on your hands.

Treating You Right
Puts Forth Effort

No matter what, both parties in a relationship should be putting in effort to make the relationship grow, thrive, and be a positive experience. If your relationship is one-sided, where you are the only one putting in any effort, then you will quickly burn out. The right guy will consistently try and help the relationship become the best that it can be. He will not get frustrated when fights arise; because they are tools to help you two grow together as a couple. While no one is perfect, the right guy will at least try to be the boyfriend you need.

Treating You Right
Encourages Personal Growth

While it’s great to grow as a couple, a good boyfriend will also be supportive of your dreams and wants you to be the best person you can be. He knows this is essential for the relationship because when you both are at your best; the relationship can be at its healthiest. Showing support for your significant other gives them self-confidence to achieve their goals, while at the same time giving you each space to seek out your own interests outside of the relationship. When you both come back together, it creates a power couple that no one can break down! Assurance in yourself as a person is something your boyfriend should want you to have. He should want you to be independent and strong, so that he is an added benefit to your life, instead of filling a hole.

Treating You Right
Appreciates the Little Things

The small things you do for your man should be done out of love and not with the expectation of getting anything in return. However, a good boyfriend likes to show how much he appreciates the small things you do for the relationship and will try and help where he can as well. He may go out of his way to send you a short text saying thank you for making his lunch, or doing the dishes on a night you surprised him with dinner. The mutual love and effort that is put in will only make the relationship that much better! The small things really do add up to mean something much bigger: respect, love, trust and happiness.
Aware of Your Emotions

Does your guy really work hard to understand where you are coming from and why you feel the way you do? If so, he is showing signs of being emotionally mature. A man should always want to respect your feelings and seek to understand them, even if he doesn’t always agree. By being in touch with whom you are and your emotions, he will be able to pick up signals when you are not doing well. For example, you may always call your mom at the same time each night. If you don’t make that normal phone call and are acting depressed one day, a good boyfriend would be aware that there was a shift in your normal persona. While he may not be able to always guess what is wrong with you, he is aware of your emotional changes and can act accordingly.
Mr. Right

The right guy should never make you question if he is treating you right. It’s amazing how far a little respect, love and trust can go in a relationship. The right guy is out there for your and he should treat you like a princess. If you’re guy is already doing these things, then you know he is a keeper.


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