You think of mukti as liberation, but in the spiritual path mukti means not liberation but merger. Just as the water of the river merges in the sea, the Atman (self) within the sadhaka merges in the ocean that is the Atman (Self). The sadhaka attains mukti by losing himself in the ocean of the Atman. (Swami Adbhutananda)

As long as you experience yourself as deficient, as a vacuum, you .suck in., draw Being from all other sources. But when you experience yourself as full, not deficient, then you radiate ., you give to all others. So here is my thesis: This belief, that we are trapped in nothing but finitude, is the source of human ill, and mysticism is liberation from this belief. (Dr Beatrice Bruteau)

Mysticism means liberation from finitude. The defining characteristic of mysticism is union with the Infinite. It overcomes the basic insecurity of insufficient Being, or an unreliable hold on Being. Mysticism brings the mystic into direct experience of transfinite existence. The consequence is that the mystic no longer feels insecure in Being. The mystic has realized a level or kind of Being that is safe from any possible weakness, lack, attack, injury, or destruction. (Dr Beatrice Bruteau)

There is no bondage nor liberation; no means of liberation nor one who practices it. The undivided non-dual Conscious-Power Tripura alone is shining. She alone is Ignorance and Knowledge, bondage and liberation and the means. (Tripurarahasya)

Liberation, therefore, is only the destruction of this illusion—the ignorance about one’s true nature. Vedanta tells us that bondage is really a delusion created by ignorance or avidya. (Dr D Nirmala Devi)

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