Because they’re so sneaky and manipulative, you might be dating a toxic guy and not even realize it. Well, I’m here to let you in on their secrets. Here are 10 things toxic dudes don’t want you to know.

1. You attract them when you’re a fixer.

Toxic guys are drawn to partners who will take care of them, deal with their drama, and be an emotional support for them. This is why they’re so draining. If you send out signs that you’re a fixer or a yes woman, that tells them they can drop their issues on your doorstep.

2. They’re bad liars.

Although toxic guys can lie with a straight face no matter what, making you doubt yourself instead of them, they slip up when it comes to one important thing: they can’t keep their stories straight. When you ask them what they did on Saturday night when they weren’t answering your calls, they’ll change the story the whole time to keep you guessing. They think they’re in control but they don’t realize how stupid they look.

3.  They can’t hide their true selves forever.

At first, the toxic guy who enters your life will seem to be straight out of a fairytale. He’s charming, kind, and so into you. But spend a bit more time with him and you’re sure to see his real side come out. For example, when someone upsets him, he’ll bring out his nasty, sarcastic side.

4. They crumble when confronted.

When you challenge the toxic guy by calling him out on his lies, he’ll fall apart. He might lose his temper (bear in mind some toxic guys can be dangerous so confronting them is probably not a good idea) or burst into tears to play the victim card on you. They’re cornered and have to think of some way to come out on top, as they always want to be in control.

5. They’re nasty.

The last thing a toxic guy wants you to think is that he’s a horrible person, which is why he tries to seem like Mr. Charming. He knows he’ll have better chances to attract you by being nice, at least until he has you where he wants you.

6. They’re incredibly insecure.

They might seem to be confident and always think they’re right, but deep down toxic men are little insecure man-children. When no one else is around and they don’t have to try to be the life of the party or they’re not trying to make you prove yourself to them as though they’re the voice of authority, they feel pretty crappy about themselves, as they should.

7. They won’t change.

Even though they’ll promise you that they’ll become better people and even change for you, the truth is that they’ll continue their damaged little cycles. You might think there’s hope, like when they go out and finally get a job and turn their lives around, but they’ll always go back to showing you that they’re not going to change.

8. They think little of you.

While they might tell you that you’re the most amazing person and the only one who’s ever been there for them, don’t let their flattering words get to your head. They’re just with you to serve a means to an end. They’re trying to gain something from you, such as your money, time, sympathy, or love.

9. They’ll be fine without you.

Although you might worry about the toxic person in your life and fear that without you they’ll be broke/get kicked out of their apartment/go back on the booze, the truth is that they’re master manipulators who always survive. They’ve survived for years before you came along, after all, so don’t buy into their lame act.

10. They know how to reel you back in.

When you’re fed up of dealing with your toxic partner’s drama and you want to get out of the relationship, he always manages to reel you back in. How? He knows how to throw on the charm and be dreamy again. But, he also knows that he’s slowly breaking down your self-esteem by playing these games, and that’s exactly what he’s after. Do yourself a big favor and break the cycle!

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